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Preview: The much awaited Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju will hit the theaters tomorrow.

Preview: The much awaited Rajkumar Hirani's Sanju will hit the theaters tomorrow.
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Shawn Kalon

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Preview: The much awaited Rajkumar Hirani’s Sanju will hit the theaters tomorrow.

This week after a long time sees only one release Rajkumar Hirani’s SANJU, that too from India’s number one director both in terms of quality and box office moolah.


Genre – Biopic based on one of the most loved, and the second most controversial man of Bollywood after a certain Bhai.
Budget – 80 crores approx production cost and 20 crore print and advertising.
Sold at a record price and makers have already made a profit from theatrical, satellite rights.
Reality is makers these days sell movies for a bomb and if it fails it’s the distributors who bear the brunts.
The only Gujarati who with due respect to other well-known doesn’t disappoint and delivers cent percent.
Will the man who gave the country it’s first 200 crore and 300 crore movies, strike gold only time will tell, but yes it’s his biggest challenge for a couple of reasons;
BIOPIC – Unlike in the west, Indian makers are notorious in making movies on well known as a public relations exercise where nothing is justified and in the end even if the person in limelight did more harm than good to oneself and society he or she portrayed as champions.
Hopefully this time it’s a little bit of an improvement. What’s going for this movie is the person concerned, his life is an open book and only a few out of 10 percent who watch movies might not be knowing, so escapism may not be on the maker’s mind we only hope.
Box office – Yes that’s the benchmark for everything, no matter what pundits and critics crib about, cinema is made for reaching the maximum and not selected few.
When u have been breaking and creating records than anything less will be a failure.
AAMIR KHAN FACTOR – Cinema is a collective medium, and star power can’t be ignored, and Mr. HIRANI had the privilege of having one of biggest stars in the world in his last two products and if the product is really good, the sky is the limit.
Here is where the makers must have done some good karma to have got the nod from AAMIR not once but twice, who is not known as the emperor for just quality, it’s the money which his movies make in reality which makes him such a phenomenal force and SOUL of everything he does whether any director likes it or not.

RANBIR is no doubt a proven actor and big star but he is no KHAN? let’s be very blunt in terms of carrying a worst movie on his shoulders till a particular point otherwise his ROY would have been a TROY at the box office. Crap of all times RACE 3 is a perfect example remove the lead and a dog will not go, because in the end, even the critics went because it was MR certified Bhaijaan’s movie.
So how much HIRANI post AAMIR achieves is the most anticipated aspect from SANJU as everyone wants to see if this Dutt bio has got a soul, because whenever it’s done then sorrow is limitless for the audience, especially case in point John Mathew Mathan, Ashutosh Gowarikar, Rakesh Om Prakash Mehra, AR Murgadoss all just gave their best and have failed miserably in their next test and have been consistently going downhill.
TRAILER IMPACT – Feeling good liked by many, and most importantly you are not missing SANJAY DUTT is the credit to the makers and the lead.
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? Definitely will and a big opening is expected, in fact, one of the biggest weekends of the year.
FINALLY – A watershed film for everyone be it Ranbir, writer Abhijat Joshi till the spot boy as if it works in every which way a movie should then a legend was already born but will finally get a stamp of authority for whosoever he touches whatever subject he chooses turns to GOLD yes that’s the GOLDSMITH for you after this Friday, one and only RAJKUMAR HIRANI.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.