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Preview: Maze Runner sequel and Phantom Thread to release this week.

Preview: Maze Runner sequel and Phantom Thread to release this week.
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Preview: Maze Runner sequel and Phantom Thread to release this week.

Hollywood Films Maze Runner The Death Cure and Phantom Thread to release in a week of no major Hindi films. No matter how big you are, be it a franchise or a super-duper star, in the end, they all need publicity and there is no escaping from that. In today’s day and age every type of publicity is welcomed, no matter how some pundits cringe about it, such are the times that both good bad and ugly are on the same page when it comes to which you want to choose to make an impact whether it’s self-inflicted or a present from others, in the end, it’s all about the collections isn’t it.
So looking at this week releases raises that same point what will be the fate of most except maybe one as if public knowledge is any indication rest is history even before they try to have some chemistry with the audience.


NOVEL BY – James Dashner an American Author
PREVIOUS – THE MAZE RUNNER in 2014 and MAZE RUNNER: The Scorch Trials in 2015
DIRECTED BY – Wess Ball who set the ball rolling with this Action, Sci-fi, thriller and has been at the helm of all three super successful cult series which has earned more than $600 million to date.
BUDGET – 62 Million( previous were also in the same scale )
RUNNING TIME – 2 hours 21 minutes
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? – If you haven’t seen the previous then don’t bother unless you can watch them and if enjoy like many then? But if possible which only a lucky few can go to IMAX for a scorching experience.


DIRECTED BY – A well-known writer and producer in Hollywood now making his debut hopefully Christian Gudegast doesn’t leave the audience aghast but in awe of whatever he showcases with his team.
RUNNING TIME – 2hours 20 minutes
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? – Action/Crime/Drama yes if you are looking for a good time pass of all three ingredients aplenty. Also, not everything has to be classified because then the importance of classics will not be there, is it?


DIRECTED BY – Paul Thomas Anderson who has also helmed this Romantic/ Drama just like his seven other.
PREVIOUS WORK – THERE WILL BE BLOOD (Must watch as they don’t make them anymore) in 2007 starring the same male lead as in his latest the great Daniel Day Lewis who is acting for the one last time before his retirement.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? – No, and we are not even going to waste our time in convincing because The good sometimes is the least productive for the majority?

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