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Preview: Marvel’s Black Panther and Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary releases this week.

Preview: Marvel's Black Panther and Neeraj Pandey's Aiyaary releases this week.
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Preview: Marvel’s Black Panther and Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary releases this week.

Much Anticipated Superhero film Marvel’s Black Panther releases this week along with Neeraj Pandey’s Aiyaary and Oscar-nominated The Shape Of Water in India this week, let’s find out about it.

Before going into the details about this week’s releases let’s be blunt and face the reality, websites are struggling big time because reading habits are shrinking like SMS language so even those who have the resources both monetary and physical, so what about the rest and there are majority in this ocean, well either they win a lottery or just be there but mostly invisible and live with it as nothing gonna change and it’s a downhill slide. So, in a nutshell just like big budget superhero movies only the big sites survive rest nosedive.
Since people don’t care about novice websites, don’t care a damn if you read or not is, in reality, their loss. Who are they? But the show must go on and we have to give our best and be truthful.
This week sees 3 big movies in their own right, two from Hollywood and one from Bollywood, what should be seen 1st well here is our choice.


Well if you don’t know the name of this film then it shows you are stuck in superheroism like more than a majority though we all are cowards in reality. 13 Academy Award Nominations, Won Best Picture at Producer’s guild, Critics choice award and Bafta besides Best original screenplay at writers guild. So does it excite you? Yes, to maybe one or two but that too will be limited to torrents.
Since No one is going to watch it at their nearby multiplex, is not blaming anyone as already movie watching public is less and on top of it except a Superhero, nothing works for billions so much so even critics in India have not bothered to see till yet. So, why waste time convincing anyone if there is anyone reading.


Now we are talking though only to 20 or 30 people as we mentioned none is interested in reading it’s all out there visually these days.
Ok, it’s one of the most anticipated traps of this year. Traps? Yes, it’s all a web which the makers have perfected for the time being though where put a cluster of heroes and take in the moolah worldwide.
Critics in India have already given it 3.37 on an average and that’s fair though less than many of the previous Marvel movies which touched 4 stars easily. Definitely many would watch and it will do fairly well in India and very well outside. So why we didn’t bother to mention the director? Who cares when it’s a Marvel film and that’s what sells and attracts the audience. Also, are you going to listen to us and make The Shape Of Water your 1st preference? We believe yes, even if one person will go because of us that’ll be great, that’s our aim.


Directed by Neeraj Pandey is a thriller and how much it thrills if the critics’ reaction is taken into account it’s length makes it pretty average. The cast of Siddharth Malhotra and Manoj Bajpayee along with a host of directors previous favorites is where the strong point is expected.
Now those who and if some who read will argue Sid and performance in the same breath? Well to be frank yes he can’t be your favorite in that department except for fairer sex for other reasons, but to give him his due he comes from a non-filmy background with films not in his DNA so let him give some time, but again if films are not in his DNA then why be an actor? Also when directors have him in their vision and producers have confidence then who are we to decide? Manoj is a fine actor and we all know how competent he is.
As we had mentioned before there are rarely great actors, we only have good and average and almost below average actors and in Bollywood era of great actors is dying so enjoy what’s there. Now we didn’t include uncle Perfectionist because he is something out of this Bollywood and Indian domain. Some may watch it but if it recovers it’s cost which is the most important now days will be enough, to be frank.

PADMAN Box office underweight – Some Akki fan asked me why it’s not doing good. We said its not a bad movie but in the context keeping in mind those who have pre-decided that they will not touch it though many lesser ones before have succeeded, because for example a few years ago the government decided to have CONDOM machines at public places for free distribution as a way to control population and also HIV, but standing or even passing through them was a big issue no, leave aside talking and look at the flip side sex is on our mind 24/7.
Same way the people we asked will you watch it and the best of the worst replies we got was from my neighbor female ‘CHEE GANDI’ cheez pe picture Banaye Hai and Kaun father Apne Bete Ke Sath Dekhega?
Now those dumbos who still didn’t understand and our country has not got shortage of it to have Padman types to do well first of all sex education from school times should be compulsory but unfortunately those who are responsible for creating our future The Teachers they when that chapter comes to the famous line by a Biology teacher from Army public school Mathura Cantt, ‘Ye chapter tum khud he Padh Lena’. Secondly, parents should be more as a friend and discuss each and everything under the sun only then will we be a better society but it happens only in masterpieces like 3 idiots rest we are in pieces.
Ours the face that runs the place when it comes to Dual faced society, whose pillar is families and they make or break movies. And TABOO topics are best left to bedrooms or mobiles.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.