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Preview: Kaala and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is fighting at the Box Office this week.

Preview: Kaala and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is fighting at the Box Office this week.
Shawn Kalon
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Preview: Kaala and Jurassic World: The Fallen Kingdom is fighting at the Box Office this week.

Two biggies KAALA starring the legendary RAJNIKANT and the other thetepic franchise which is still going strong after 25 years JURASSIC WORLD: The Fallen Kingdom.


First of all, we all love Rajni sir. He has given us so many memorable moments to cherish and we always hope the best for him be it whatever role he plays on and off screen.
Caution – We are not here to downgrade anyone just telling what’s in the murmurs and comes out in open through the reactions and subsequent collections. Because in the end it’s all about profits and losses.

Genre – Same old Rajnikant style masala though now it seriously needs overhauling.
Running Time – 3 hours 5 minutes (Hope it’s more towards ‘Bada hai to Bhetar hai’).
BUDGET – 150 Crore approx. Are the makers Kidding? Because it’s June not April fool’s day.
CV – KABALI (2016) was his last movie which was not an average film and even became a hit with and without manipulation, not for the distributors though, but was the same down and dusted formulae where the script had nothing new to offer.
Rajni sir after KABALI given the green signal to once again work with the same director either shows he had complete faith in him or lack of faith in others.
CAST – ‘The one and only’ ok there are two and in the same boat (we sincerely want they learn and are not from only to lonely), both have had unprecedented success, one has a temple by his fans and others consider him as their own ‘Bhai’, but in reality they are majorly responsible for trying their best to not helping Indian commercial cinema break the clitches and ghisa-pita tradition of a larger than life hero who does nothing be it own stunts or even average dancing but has a style which though we all enjoyed for a while no doubt, but it’s high time you stopped taking people for granted and put an end to dishing them the same old stuff again and again but maybe they will as it’s a fool’s paradise, in which they can’t grow in fact they are so good in their stuff that even the new age directors get sucked by their histrionics and nothing comes out as new.

It dosent mean we don’t love Rajni sir, in fact those who love them the most want such self destructive actions to be adhere to and sanity to be bestowed in the common sense department.

NANA PATEKAR is another of those great single malt whisekys who has no two dimensions about him. He with time is getting better.
CRITIC’S TAKE – 4 to 3.5 to 2.5 to 1.5, yes its true as if those who were payed and those are sulking for being ignored.
‘Offcourse’? Shockingly that’s not for sure and indications were since 2011 when the King Size Rajni boat was slowly showing signs of getting holes.
OPENING – The opening has been average, well below his last 3 releases. Though the audience reaction on tv even at 4 am shows was phenomenal but hope reality doesn’t bite after Sunday.
Rajni sir’s political aspirations has divided his fan base, this was experienced by MG RAMACHANDRAN the same way is what they say. But who are these? Please let us know.
Excuses are being made that his fans who come from various spectrums, from all political affiliations are suddenly in confusion to support him or not.
In end it is hard to digest that a man who is worshipped like God, just because he wants to serve the society in his own way, suddenly his movies are treated like of a stray dogs.
There are not many but definite examples of people doing commercial cinema without compromising on the main quotient entertainment which always surprises with new ingredients like AAMIR etc. Ok etc. has may be just 2 or 3 others.
Some may argue, for that you need versatility. But we love RAJNI SIR and hope the next project which you are already shooting in DARJEELING for is out of the box unlike Kaala.

SAD STATE OF AFFAIRS – The saying Politics and Films are direct reflection of our society couldn’t have been proven more than in our country where “HAMAAM MEIN SAB NANGE, SARKAAR ho ya KALAKAAR jyaadatar ANPAD GANWAAR” at least when it comes to Noble intentions.


Genre – 25 years of DINO Action, Adventure, Sci-fi mayhem still continues.
Running Time – 2 hours 8 minutes
Budget – 170 million dollars. So it’s realistic and a blockbuster is already confirmed.
CV – A monster call (2016) was his last venture.
It’s in the right hands when it comes to the captain being capable enough.
CAST – Chris Pratt, Jeff Goldlum, Bryce Dallas, Ted Levine.
CRITIC’S TAKE – Its been a mixed bag and tilting more towards been there seen everything nothing new just changed the screws as it’s the original JURASSIC reboot.
Yes hard-core fans and there are not many franchises which can match it.

Wherever it’s opened it’s doing better than any this year, going to conquer 47 more territories in Europe and Asia where it’s releasing much earlier than America where 22nd June it’s tryst with destiny all because of the start of the June 14th WORLD CUP FOOTBALL and the beaituful game’s craze is unmatchable in the these non USA territories and you don’t mess with the greatest show on earth.
Note – What’s common in Rajni or last month’s star wars and now dinasour war the early indications of this solely on the content is that unless overhauling is done the time is not far when they will all have nothing to rule but Fallen kingdoms.

Shawn Kalon
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