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Preview: Blackmail and Missing Releases Today.

Preview: Blackmail and Missing Releases Today.
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Preview: Blackmail and Missing Releases Today.

Blackmail and Missing releases this week not surprisingly a cluster of others also with most of them will be automatically dusted out. Let’s get down straight which is for your liking and which isn’t your taste.


DIRECTOR – Abhinay Deo
CV – He was the guy who gave us the Cult DELLY BELLY (2011), some can say he was the same guy who gave us GAME (2011), what is in store this time only time will tell but if CRITIC’S TAKE is any indication he has done very well. Rest hope for the best because it’s all about what public thinks right.
CAST – Irrfan Khan, Gajraj Rao, Arunoday Singh and Kirti Kulahri.
Running Time – 2 hours 18 minutes.
SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? It is a Dark comedy, a rarity in Hindi cinema and good ones almost obsolete, so if like this comes who knows it may be regular cinema-goers treat.


DIRECTOR – Mukul Abhyankar’s Debut movie.
CAST – Manoj Bajpai, Tabu and Annu Kapoor.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? As the name suggests audience will surely be missing in action as such movies need a push which happens sometimes only and this time it seems tough.


DIRECTED BY – Will Gruck
CV – Friends With Benefits (2011) he produced.
RUNNING TIME – 1 hours 35 minutes
WILL YOU WATCH IT? Remember BUGS BUNNY? The holiday season is about to begin, but then it’s always dicey to be sure what’s liked by children who are such movie’s backbone.

CRITIC’S TAKE – Has been loved by some liked by some and thumbs down by quite a few.


DIRECTOR and ACTOR – John Kranski his debut as captain of the ship.
CAST- Emily Blunt, John Kranski, and host of kids.
Running Time – 1 hour 30 minutes
WILL YOU WATCH IT? Majority halls will be a quiet place not because it’s bad but because it’s not a franchise to risen the interest of the cinema-goers here.
CRITICS TAKE – Getting Terrific reviews worldwide, for not your run of the mill horror plus thriller it’s got much more than that.


CV – Step Up Revolution (2012), REALM (2015), Step Up All In (2014) he produced.
CAST – PATRICK SCHWARZENEGGER must be ringing a Bel-a Thorne is the female lead.
The son of legendary and liked by all ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER is making his lead debut with a romantic drama based on a person who can’t come out in sun, will he shine like his father even if it is half his battle is won.
WILL YOU WATCH IT? Despite the chemistry between lead pairs getting thumbs up here, the package is getting a sunset even before the rise.

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