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Preview: Baahubali – The Conclusion


Preview: Baahubali – The Conclusion
Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

REALLY are you KIDDING? Or its on way to Happen?

Mom, where is my alarm?

Mom gets elated but doesn’t know, son has 4 am Baahubali show on his mind rather than going to study, at least once on a blue moon, kabhi kabhi he got up early.

Cut two, Sir reaching office a little late as too much traffic was on way, when actually morning show goes a little beyond 9 am so that’s the truth which he can’t say.

Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

Finally the day of reckoning has come, yes that day which is like most of the cases in our judicial system but unlike decades to get solved, took not more than an year to reveal “KATAPPA, why he Slayed BHAUBALI”

CONQUERING OR DAY DREAMING?Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

With  reports coming of how an Indian movie has broken all pre booking norms and crossed all barriers be it the world wide distribution rights of 345 crores, Number of cinema halls and sky rocketing tickets of almost Rs. 900 etc. etc. Will this bring in the returns that are being targeted is what going to decide the fate of future of Indian cinema weather it goes globalistic or turn bombastic.


Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

The advance booking has been never seen before as the makers have to be believed. Except some parts, this time even Tamil, Kannada and Malayalam regions are beaming with confidence.


Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

We at GD are of the view that its not just about the movie which all said and done had a great vision and grandeur presentation but more importantly answer to the question, Katappa ney Baahubali ko kyu maar?

The thought process, subsequent will and determination along with the unprecedented support of the people who pumped in the money needed to make such a project bigger and better need to be congratulated. Because in reality except the two Khans, none of the movies can expect to have such financial backup, and when it’s a regional movie, makes it more of a risk as getting global acceptance is primary concern when giving green signal to such as unless achieved, it’s a win for none. 


BAAHUBALI was not perfect, nor it is a classic but it had what it takes to provide the Indian audience, what they watch every week, though most of the time substandard Hollywood stuff, and match it bit by bit which ultimately did the trick.


Boon and Doom

Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

Just like political parties especially the ruining one sorry ruling one, who make the most of it in their electoral benefit, the jokes and memes and continuous bombardment of KATAPPA’S backstabbing, made sure it reached the people wanting for more, even if they missed the bus first time are ready to take the plunge for the second for sure and those who enjoyed the ride their “DIL MAANGE MORE”

Word of caution – Watch it as soon as begins, because once the Jury is out after the first show, the same creators of this sensation can cause lightning speed disintegration and make the question completely redundant thus affecting the watching inclination.

Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

Thus, what was set to have become a phenomenon may become a joke “Acha hua Katappa ne Bhaubali ko deya thok”.


Since the EVM machines fiasco had made the UTTAR PRADESH and DELHI MCD elections extremely redundant not because controversy doesn’t create excitement but when there was forgone conclusion, then it just dies down a boring death.

Preview: Baahubali - The Conclusion

Hopefully it doesn’t have to be the same scenario when the most awaited answer and the overall movie turns out to be a gigantic hit and not a damp squib in reality and not on paper.

Finally, LET’S  CELEBRATE INDIAN CINEMA as never before.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.