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Preview: Baaghi 2 and Ready Player One hits the screens this week.

Preview: Baaghi 2 and Ready Player One hits the screens this week.
Shawn Kalon
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Preview: Baaghi 2 and Ready Player One hits the screens this week.

This week it’s Spielberg’s Ready Player One going one on one with Ahmed Khan’s Baaghi 2. Squeezed in the middle is a small fish Sean Baker’s The Florida Project.


DIRECTED BY – Ahmed Khan
CV – Fool N final (2007), Lakeer: The Forbidden Lines (2004)
If above are any indication then it’s more subtraction then an addition in terms of expectations but nothing is permanent and anything can happen it’s just how much you are ready to learn to accept that vision can’t be taught.
From unknown sources, he is also at the helm of Hera Pheri 3.
RUNNING TIME – 2 hours 24 minutes.
CAST – Tiger Shroff, India’s biggest action hero in terms of doing all his stunts, who had a flying start but has hit a wall and suddenly success has stopped.
Will this resurrect his career is the big question?
Have no doubt he is popular and a proper script also a director who utilizes his strengths will definitely do the trick.
Weak Points – Tiger roars when doing gravity-defying stunts are done but is a cat when has to bring expressions.
Hopefully will improve as has got time by his side. Disha Patani plays the love interest.
Randeep Hooda and Manoj Bajpai are the pillars on which performance is solely on their strong or weak shoulders, it depends on how are their roles written.

WILL YOU WATCH IT? Offcourse some will and if it’s got even some punch then box office success is surety as expenses are not much.
BUDGET – 45 crore approx
Box office collections wild guess – Above average weekend
CRITICS TAKE – Its extreme good or bad. We are not saying it’s like who has got monetary gains but too much of a gap either is a question mark on today’s critics or plane simple they are irrelevant?


DIRECTED BY – Steven Spielberg.
CV – If it has to be mentioned then it’s a worrisome situation but then it is at least in INDIA where the new generation is not in sync with his body of work because it’s been quite a while he has made a masala movie solely for the crowd and as we all know if you are not a superhero, no one is bothered in this part of the world.
RUNNING TIME – 2 hours 24 minutes

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? Yes because Steven has from his reputable bag spilled a product which is as fun to watch like any other, you remember that’s what the CRITICS TAKE has been, it’s pure unadulterated fun on the run based on a novel, and as always when 60 percent of a writers vision is reciprocated on the silver screen half the battle is won.
BOX OFFICE collections wild guess – Purely based on the reality of what happens to movies not having Marvel stamp or Disney’s beat or Rock’s punch like the rest it’s going to tank or at the best average like DC extended universe.


CV -Tangerine (2015), Starlet (2002), Prince of Broadway (2008).
RUNNING TIME – 1 hour 51 minutes
WILL YOU WATCH IT? No way why? Though Was a hot property for Oscars but those who saw it mentioned in their finest movies 2017 list despite that and understandably so and mentioned many times by us, they don’t have an audience so it’s got a limited release. Not being harsh but it’s got a release here is more than what it could chew.
CRITICS TAKE – They have loved it there and are relishing it here.

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