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Preview: Will Baadshaho and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Bail out the Industry From Emergency of Box Office Impotency?

Preview: Will Baadshaho and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Bail the Industry From Emergency of Box Office Impotency?
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Shawn Kalon

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Preview: Will Baadshaho and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan Bail the Industry From Emergency of Box Office Impotency?

Analysis and Preview: Baadshaho and Shubh Mangal Saavdhan, let’s find out what are the expectations from two releases.


Directed by MILAN LUTHERIA who is coming after a gap and hopefully doesn’t give another crap just like his last venture which was a torturous Damb in the forgettable form of ONCE UPON A TIME IN MUMBAI DOBARA (2013), such types if are seriously made Dobara will be an unforgivable Sin.

Milan is not in the list of bad directors, in fact when he in his elements and has the backing of a strong screenplay script he can do the trick of entertainment and entertainment fullest but that fullest is missing in action of late.

Tag line of this movie is stressing on the BADASSES hoping it is not a reference to the acting department or the script of any. Bollywood is too much influenced by Hollywood which is not a bad thing at all as, those who are superior, their strengths always should be inspiring for those who are inferior, but just making a heist movie for the sake as if it’s their national duty shouldn’t be the case which sadly is always, so such heist products are made with pace and vanish faster and leave a bad taste.

Looking at the 2min plus trailer and analyzing, it will not be doing justice to anyone because maybe there is much more in the 2hrs 42 miniutes movie than the limited intensity and quality which was showcased. The movie is in the genre of thrillers only fear is from audience to exhibitors don’t Bang their heads from post to pillar.

About the cast, especially the leads few years back when they were in their scenes, they were AJAY at the box office but now only relevance of the biggest of them is applying KESAR in your ass sorry teeth oops life.

AJAY DEVGAN movies off late have been maybe be he is not applying his brain, or he thinks what he chooses is going to pass the test but unfortunately the audience can’t digest. And sadly but not surprisingly his upcoming stuff purely in terms of making a difference doesn’t promise much maybe DAANE DAANE MEIN HAI KESAR, HAS RESULTED HIS INTELLIGENCE GOING DAANE DAANE.

EMRAAN HASHMI even gives complex to ‘HUMTY- DUMTY had a great fall’ so much downslide, it seems HASHMI Saab ne KISS karna kya choda unke audience ne unse naata toda. Maybe he is the perfect lesson in trying to disect don’t leave what’s best (for you) but damage has been done or maybe the audience has grown but if that was the case his urge to change would have been accepted and not outright rejected or maybe the urge to change should not be done for the heck of it, good product should back it.

The rest of the partners in crime be it Ileana D’Cruz, Esha Gupta, Vidyut Jamwal, and Sunny Leone are fine but all need a tight script, good director and Charismatic support staff to make a mark and they in this case have the most reliable SANJAY MISHRA who majority of times helps enhance and rarely dissapoints.

Hopefully, the direction and RAJAT SHARMA’S writing and TANISHQ, ANKIT TIWARI who with their music completely justify what these BADASSES are doing and not turn out to be a pain in the asses of the watchers as the industry with spate of bad movies, is going through an emergency. 


In a survey 75 percent of the guys in world are not hundred percent active where it matters the most and SHUBH MANGAL SAAVDHAN is going to embarrass a lot of those who will be watching with their better half’s because somewhere down the line it maybe AAP.

Directed by – R.S PRASANNA whose debut product has the perfect ingredients if the trailer has to be judged and weather this broadens into almost 2hours of unadulterated ok in this case semi adulterated fun in a good way is the big question but we are very hopeful his direction and Co-writing with HITESH will be quite potent.

AYUSHMAN KHURRANA is a pleasing personality which rubs on the screen and he sails through his roles as if he is not forceably performing but simply gliding and same seems to be the case here. He never ever let’s you down be it his choice of stuffs some might flop some might work but he is better than many of the young turks and his a LAMBE RACE KA CHORA. What a filmy irony his hardcore stuff in (VICKY DONOR), which brought him to limelight seems to have gone soft in his latest part, you know what we mean as Samajdaar ko Ishara hi kaafi hai, and we at GD are proud to be connected with cent percent hard core sorry smart public including hopefully no problem being hard and receiving hard.

BHUMI PEDNEKAR seems to be on a roll no not in bed especially in her current avatar as his fiance doesn’t have the arsenal to get rolly polly at all she is on a roll what with her previous two movies getting accepted and thus strengthening her stand in the industry maybe for a long time. She is a competent actor with a strong Indianness in her personality which though is fine but still we feel she should try to change her track a bit to test how much she can swim in diversity but that’s not questioning her it’s just a thought as she is competent enough.

If made well then shouldn’t be a problem to the audience with whom it should easily connect and if everything goes and lives up to expectations which are a plenty it should be SHUBH MANGAL time for the industry.

Finally – Don’t go by what the critics might say as we will be revealing how perks make these so called messiah’s of Friday flip flop in a big way thus PEN IS MIGHTIER THAN THE SWORD is truely corrupted. Wait for our article on them and the first hand experience we had with the people who actually behind all this shameless mayhem.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.