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Preview: Akshay Kumar’s Padman opens this week.

Preview: Akshay Kumar's Padman opens this week.
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Preview: Akshay Kumar’s Padman opens this week.

Akshay Kumar starrer Padman opens with The 15:17 to Paris.

A week of heroes many saying India’s original superhero maybe real is the word not bothered of being mentioned and we will like to add, he is if one down to earth is the criteria because superheroes are aplenty as a few months back we had FLYING shit oops JATT and how could we forget KRISSH and SHIVA KA INSAAF which got released in 1985.


Padman, why not A WOMAN or fool’s paradise?
RUNNING TIME – 2 hours 20 minutes
DIRECTED by R BALKI whose most movies are great and out of the box strictly in terms of concept but somewhere when it comes to execution is where they are chalk and cheese. Will he make it classy but most importantly interesting (yes cinema has to be enjoyable to have a maximum reach, this even SUPERSTAR lovingly called MR. UNCLE CHINA believes)?
CAST – This time BALKI is in charge of something real-life revolutionary and bringing it to the silver screen and for the first time he is directing a star, we are not using the word superstar because it’s a word which is used too loosely for every Tom Dick or Harry, no don’t get us wrong AKSHAY is no TOM that’s for universal Bhai (bonified brain-busters or blockbusters) nor he is HARRY that tag suits SRK (the most intelligently confused). AKSHAY is in fact of late Destiny’s favorite and is having a DICK of a time and Jispe Mai Baap Ka Ho Haath Uske Badhjaate Hai Aukaat.
In India we are too judgmental and it’s our favorite pass time and some may argue khud Kuch Naa bane (even your area dogs doesn’t recognize you) but we pinpoint figures at others, so why blame AKSHAY for being the Thekedaar of every social change. Yes, that’s absolute if it’s his choice then he has every right to Democracy but if he has been chosen by the people in power then it’s pure hypocrisy. So what is the truth only fans know, do they? because majority fans lose common sense or don’t want to be enlightened on reality.
On the flip side maybe jingoism on borderline of stupidity was almost in our DNA but off late thanks to men who matter has been injected like never, especially through media, best examples TIMES NOW and REPUBLIC TV (are actors one of the tools we can’t say right Mr. AJAY whose Zubaan is Kesrii to the T, can’t wait for your next RAID Sirji). Before so it’s the best way the filmmakers feel to get a maximum reach especially when it concerns going to TOILET or wearing a PAD and discussing it with a MAN.
Sometimes we feel both these issues concern WOMEN problem in general then why wasn’t a heroine made the face of the filmy products? Like female leads RADHIKA APTE and SONAM KAPOOR.
Radhika we feel is like RAJKUMAR apt but who no one watches unless there is a KHURANA and thankfully she has AKSHAY as her AYUSHMAAN, So maybe heroines don’t sell cinema unless you are drowned in controversy like PADMAVAT or titillate full throttle.

SHOULD YOU WATCH IT? There are ways of looking at it;
1. If you are MR. SOCIAL CHANGERS die-hard fan you will definitely go and help the industry grow by 80 crores or more (see we got justified by tagging him in just star bracket as)

2. If you are plain and simple no strings attached cinema goer you may go if have nothing else to do and most importantly recovered from demonetization after effects (who has please let us know)?

3. You shouldn’t if you feel makers have nothing to do with sanitary pads and it’s just a toll to fool and plain and simple minting money because aam junta doesn’t need to be preached as they are intelligent enough???? Hopefully, next elections will reveal or we are daydreaming?

4. If you are a genuine intelligent common sense human and have eyes wide open. HAPPY BIRTHDAY my brother AA.

Critics take – If it really matters as it didn’t matter if we look at a current example fresh in our minds, 2.5 stars on an average but collections almost touching 250 crores and still climbing.

AKSHAY fans please don’t think people at GD are haters of anyone, in fact, we love all even the current regime? Like and its just a point of view and we may be wrong for Bhakts (shrinking every second) but there is no doubt India’s khiladi is most versatile actor and better than all but one uncle (can’t name him because we are not against anyone if diverse and collections are taken into consideration (but here one thing is important to know being versatile and being a great actor is altogether different planets and great actors atleast in india can be counted on fingers here too you can be great in one track acting with little modulation here and there and that makes the good group of actors but great we will discuss some other day) and is infact enjoying success as never before when most of his contemporaries who started with him are nowhere to be seen.
Off late has been also investing his money and energy in many a good cause like Army welfare fund app or creating awareness and that’s commendable.
But before we end again same thoughts popped up making it hard to digest When he says and we quote “When he realised he had earned enough so now could do what he truly like with no fear of monetary loss” and it’s not to do with anyone in the capital, but again we give him benefit of doubt maybe his condition and present government coming to power was a coincidence. What a coincidence only happens once in a blue moon right?.
Hope such coincidence is blessed to others too or we are being fools?
Ok if MR. BOND wants to shut up skeptics he should do a film on someone who bore the brunt of intolerance. Oh my god are you kidding now we didn’t mean its just a hope or idea time for OH MY GOD 2? What says chaps.
Those who thought it’s farce news should ask authors, writers, and host of others including my author brother what is the reality as his second novel is fighting truth and sanity for a smooth release and it’s nothing to do with intolerance oh please?
FINALLY – If the movie makes some difference in the society and makes for a healthier living even for a few then also it will be remarkable as the process will have started and with time things will improve at least what’s considered taboo is already being discussed in public is a great start but will they reciprocate into good collections is extremely doubtful as we are champions of dual-faced and some things we like to be kept in domain of our mobiles. See we told you we don’t hate anybody were just trying to find a solution to our indigestion.

THE 15:17: to PARIS

Tagline – In the face of fear ordinary people can do the extraordinary.
RUNNING time – 94 minutes
DIRECTED BY – The legendary actor-director CLINT EASTWOOD, it’s a DRAMA THRILLER based on true story. Now, what’s it’s all about well, three people who find about the terrorist plot while enjoying their train journey in France in a nutshell.

WILL YOU WATCH IT? Hopefully, an Oscar has not to be the trigger for people to watch this one but then it would be too late as it’s in contention for next year if and when it makes it.

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