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PRDP final collections

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Release date – Nov 12th 2015

Running time – 2hrs 55 min

Director – Sooraj Barjatya

Total Indian collections –

214 CRORE approx(including 3.5 crores from dubbed versions)

TOTAL overseas collection’s – 96 crore approx

Result – 5th highest worldwide earner (gross)

Grand total worldwide collections –

408 crore approx

Budget including print and advertising =125 crore

Distributors share – 195 crore

Final status at BOX OFFICE – SUPER HIT

At last ends it’s earning, while some territories like central India, gujrat were HEARTNING, it was NORTH INDIA which was shockingly DISHEARTNING after the THUMPING opening

If SALMAN KHAN was not their, What would have been the status? Whatever may be, certainly shouldn’t have got the earth shattering opening (2nd highest 1st day, and highest weekend), subsequently a big gap than current earnings.

Finally history will remember PRDP as one of the weakest films from RAJSHIRI’S

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