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PRDP – PREVIEW – Prem Ratan Dhan Payo (old wine in semi new bottle)image_39

Release date October 12

Runtime- 2hrs 50 min

Certificate – U

genre-(are you kidding, do I have to mention it can’t be action or thriller)

Rarely have SALMAN movies earned PREM of the critics and audience alike except BAJRANJI BHAIJAAN and that too was no RATAN but certainly a better movie of his for manny years . This time, too no such miracle is expected from critics especially.

PRDP is devoid of TWO major strengths of SALMAN movies of  late



But what’s going for PRDP

5800 screen count WORLDWIDE(highest toll date for any Bollywood movie)

Two weeks of clear window, though some may argue SPECTRE effect from 20th, but I firmly believe PRDP will either be a LAMBI RACE KA GHODA or its back will break in 1st week itself.

Budget 80 crores(so needs 150 crores to be a clear success) , as Salman has done it for free, will share profits hopefully manny and not any.

Salman -Sooraj combo which has always struck GOLD at the box office, so curiosity will be high and may sail the movie in its opening few days

Will PRDP be able to replicate or break last DIWALI’s HNY 44 crore 1st day record and subsequently be a BLOCKBUSTER only time will tell, but at least it should be a better product than what audience have been watching  from last few festival of lights as nothing but mediocre stuff has been dished to them time and again and that’s not right, we deserve better.

In the end, it will be a litmus test not only for SALMAN but RAJSHIRI’S too who have this habit of winning  people’s heart when least expected.

But predicting what audience would finally love and what they will despise is no mean feat can be gauged from the fact that on one hand DABANGG 2 is lapped but JAI HO is scrapped, when both were pretty average, so whether PRDP will MAKE HISTORY or BE HISTORY will be known on 1st day itself.

Watch “Prem Ratan Dhan Payo Official Trailer | Salman Khan & Sonam Kapoor | Sooraj Barjatya | Diwali 2015” on YouTube –


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