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The world this week

The world this week

THE WORLD LAST WEEK 18TH 24TH JANUARY 2016 INTERNATIONAL - The world this week America was crippled after a BLIZZARD caused havoc in NEW YORK, WASHINGTON and NORTH EASTERN CITIES. 19 people dead,200,000 people without power, 4400 flights cancelled due to one of the heaviest snow falls the country has ever experienced. NATIONAL - 56 year

The world updates

The world this week

INTERNATIONAL- BARACK OBAMA in is last STATE OF THE UNION ADDRESS stressed on 1.HAVE HOPE 2.DONT HATE MUSLIMS TAIWAN elected it's 1st LADY PRESIDENT Tsai ing - wen who got more than 56%of the votes cast. INDIA-  PM NARENDRA MODI  announced his major flagship through which 10,500 crore will be dished out in 4years phase. SCIENCE AND TECHNOLOGY KEPLER NASA'S planets tracking shuttle started

The world

The world this week

THE WORLD LAST WEEK (4TH JANUARY - 10 JANUARY) 2016 From this week our GD team has decided to bring highlights of world happening in the week gone by, it's just a try, we will Polish it more as time goes by. WORLD- Hydrogen bomb tested by North Korea(6th January), at its punggey

Obama delivered his strongest rebuke yet of Donald Trump

Obama told NPR host Steve

Barack Obama.     President Barack Obama, in an interview that aired Monday, delivered perhaps his strongest rebuke yet of Donald Trump, the Republican front-runner to succeed him in the Oval Office. In an interview with National Public Radio, Obama accused Trump of preying on the fears and anxiety of the blue-collar,