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Best pav bhaaji in MUMBAI by SARDAR PAAJI really?
Screenshot_2015-11-04-13-34-56-1PAV BHAJI ‘SARDAR’ OF ALL MARATHA COUSINE – 

It’s a common  saying that SPORT unites PEOPLE in a COUNTRY , maybe in a way but to take it a step further I firmly believe THE ONLY THING WHICH unites the whole world besides MUSIC is FOOD and we don’t even realise. As you go through the article readers to would realise what yours Truely meant to be.

Year 1966,

 A young 19 year old named SARDAR AHMED from DELHI  plans to shift  to BOMBAY (yes bombay sounds better, Shiv Sena are you  listening😛), as his wives family feel “You dream anywhere but conversion rate is highest in BOMBAY” . 

Before leaving he is in dillema as to what would he do their as always wanted to be his own boss, and though his family not so well off but still they had the means to start  small vary small and as they say BASE is what one needs ask DHIRUBHAI and sons n they too will agree. After a full night intense and heated discussion, dileberation with HIMSELF he by morning had decided what he would be trying (government please notice it took 1day for a 5th class pass to decide) before leaving for LAND OF DREAMS.

As he was already dealing in TEA and snacks he decided that FOOD is where he should try his luck.

As SARDAR AHMED in his own words said ‘Subha se he TAVE pe mein sabzian milata raha and khud chakhta raha), and the TASTE which he eventually zeroed upon was, which when he got tasted within his locality became a range so much so people almost forgot it was a TEA shop, as THE DISH was 1st preference. As was but natural people when you get success how much big or small, along appreciation love and best wishes 1thing no1 fails to pinpoint FREE FUND ADVICES. Same thing happened here people wanted him to try it here why go to sum place where everything will be unknown including food habits on which SARDAR is counting most upon. But as they say ‘YOU can upset GOD , but not WIFE and her in laws not even their DOG’ (even if you are the one, and you don’t even no it).

Train to BOMBAY(yes Shiv Sena it’s still outside maharashtra so I am still not afraid) was boarded, and all along one thing which SARDAR couldn’t help but think what  name should  given to his invention so that being a common man’s food name should be such it relates to them and they feel it’s their own DOUBLE ROTI – SABZI, bread – SABZI etc manny such entered halted and left his brain station but still couldn’t decide, maybe he was looking for a rhythmic name.

As the train entered MAHARASHTRA he got down to get some eatables at a station and asked the shopkeeper, BREAD dena , and the guy said PAV ye PAV haiScreenshot_2015-11-05-12-39-11, and as if GOD had   messaged a clue through that shopkeepers mouth PAV struck faster than lighting, and SARDAR face lit and he just took food ran towards the bogi without taking the balance (as if he was in 5star) and giving TIP.

Thus the legendary name PAV BHAAJI came into exsistance.



On reaching BOMBAY, 1st day of his small stall setup SARDAR and his family were nervous yet confident, as his in laws after tasting his recipe had been having the same thing 3times for the whole week, but real test was with PUBLIC And as ppl  came 1 by one slowly and steadily as if it were a BOMBAY ELECTION and his was a Voting counter and began to taste and savour his creation SARDARS anticipation slowly turned into a combo of SUPRISE, SHOCK, JOY, and extreme devotion towards GOD ALMIGHTY. With every 2nd minute hour day week month PAV BHAAJI was a uncontrollable SUNAMI all over MAHARASHTRA. That his  DISH would become the staple dish of all MARATHAS, and also would be a range and 1st food preference for all outsiders he would  never ever have imagined, but as they say TALENT and LUCK when they are a COMBO life is JINGALALA.

Screenshot_2015-11-04-13-35-19-1Yes that year 1966 PAV BAAJI was born in some gali of DELHI, and today it RULES all over MUMBAI. 

While pinning  this article suddenly it flashed History would be different if SARDAR AHMED had he been in AMERICA he would be on par with MACDONALS and KFC as PAV would have been patented and rest as they say would be history and change the geography of where it would have been available. 😎Even the name would have been PAO PAAJI DILLI style who knows?.


For the best PAV BHAAJI people still go to SARDAR Paaji, his is a full fledged restaurant  catering to PAV BHAAJI lovers, offering different varieties of bhaaji and satisfaction for PAAJI’S craving is GUARANTEED. MUST VISIT when in MUMBAI (Shiv Sena happy now).😋



166B M Malviya Marg, Tardeo-Tulsiwadi, Mumbai, 400034, Maharashtra

Contact – 022 24940208

It’s FB page goes by name of SARDARPAV.


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Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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