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Paltan : It kills but sadly Indian Cinema.

Paltan : It kills but sadly Indian Cinema.
Shawn Kalon
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Paltan : It kills but sadly Indian Cinema.

PALTAN bombs at the Box office: This week we hoped that cine goers would become nostalgic but hopefully not barbaric towards the makers of PALTAN as it focuses upon one of the most heroic yet lost feats at NATHU LAL pass of our troops against the country whose besides the treachery of 1962 has blessed us with chow mein and other goods and now even industry is getting the majority revenue from there. But in the end as expected no one cared for this PALTAN.

PALTAN (2018)
It’s a culmination of trilogy is what the director believes in.


Paltan : It kills but sadly Indian Cinema.
Lost Glory fails another story.

CV – He has given us BORDER and LOC besides many.

Rajasthan is his forte but whenever he ventures outside his products are Khote sikke at the box office.
CAST – JACKIE SHROFF and National award winner ARJUN RAMPAL, SONU SOOD, HARSHVARDHAN RANE, GURMEET CHOUDHARY etc etc etc etc etc with due respect.
Highlighting them was imp so that at least some where they get respect which they deserve.

Trailer impact – The first impression dint raise temptation.

Critic’s Take – Initial reaction has been better than his last few ventures but that’s not good enough means how bad the others were UMRAO JAAN in particular.

BRAINLESS Brains – Even if its a weak film, the release date is wrong, you don’t release a war epic almost a month after independence.
You cash on the jingoistic mood nation is in, so half battle is already lost.

Running Time – 2 hours 34 minutes
War films in India suffer from family values and a portion of them seem to be right out of a Karan Johar movie where everything that moves is weeping thus resulting in distributors following suit.

MUSIC and LYRICS – Anu Malik and Javed Akhtar and Sonu nigam combination should ring a bell but unfortunately not.
It should be all about the background not the heroine breaking into a song when lots of other things are expected.

It’s one of the most important aspects so lots was expected but his last was Poster boys?

BUDGET – 25 to 30 crores
Now that’s a shocker because a war movie should have the best of everything and for that the expenditure should be never compromised.
But maybe the makers know better or nothing. But again the selling point is missing and we didn’t mean Abhishek Bachchan in a respectful way.

Word of mouth – For that you need people to watch.
Final Verdict – If everything is taken into consideration be it the shoe string budget and also same with expectations as covering costs will be enough but it seems a mountain to climb.
So sad to see that noteworthy real life achievements go down the drain all thanks to our makers when we compare trilogies of the West we are worst at best.

It should have been kick ass but it pains asses in the halls.

JP DUTTA to be blunt should have remained dormant as he was last 12 years.

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