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Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.
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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

Opinion & Analysis of Xiaomi Mi Max 2: Phablets or Hardcore core heavy duty devices were being thought of becoming redundant and irrelevant when they first came into the market, but things have changed especially in the current scenario where every mobile manufacturer is trying to justify ‘BIGGER IS BETTER’ strictly in where the digital world is concerned.

Chinese giant XIAOMI comes with truly GIANT of a device at a price point which will truly make it get noticed and whether it’s the best in that category let’s see by going through what it has to showcase and does it truly live up to the billing surely or may be.


First is 6.44-inch DISPLAYOpinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

This debate of whether a big display is acceptable is passed as ALL IN ONE is truly the norm.

The 6.44-inch screen Is Full HD and doesn’t disappoint if Colour contrast and Brightness are taken into account. The screen is bright and on such a big device it’s a delight and what’s refreshing it’s quite clear and not washed out even in Sunlight. 

Gaming For hardcore gamers, the big screen acts as a catalyst in enhancing the experience further.

Watching VideosIt is truly a treat especially when it comes to action scenes and we mean action in the true sense? Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.


It had to be there isn’t it, because without such a biggie when it comes to battery, a large screen wouldn’t have been a possibility, in fact, the phone would have died in few hours if the juice hadn’t been what it is now.Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

What’s also to be understood since it’s a big device big battery is easy to be provided as large battery easily can be juicy and what happens is since it’s a large back because of the large screen the battery is large but thickness can be taken care of easily so this makes it neither bulky nor you go eek. So this helps in big time in how the phone can be Designed, and one look and it makes everyone want to make its mine.

DESIGNOpinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm. Bigger phones in this segment sometimes look clunky and ugly but the makers have made sure Xiaomi Mi Max 2 is sleek & stylish which looks good and easy and strongly gripped and that’s possible with rounded curves and is Baseless which is truly a surprise but then the way competition is, you have to be on par with the best to have the might.

SNAPDRAGON 625 PROCESSOR On such big devices processor has to be the one which compliments in the day to day usage be it multitasking and gaming, and we were satisfied with its performance and everything was buttery smooth. 

4GB RAM AND 64 GB INTERNAL memory which is expandable to 128 GB though 256 should have been there, why the company gave it a miss is beyond us. But whatever is available is not at all bad and takes care of everything under the roof be it dealing with heavy Applications or Games anything which is there can be tackled by this beast without a problem as it’s got everything in a lump sum.

CAMERAS in such big devices at such a range either it’s solely about the camera and that’s the high point unlike here where the phone is what it is due to the above mentioned.

12 megapixel Rear Camera –  As we have mentioned above it was not what company has focused upon but that doesn’t mean it’s not bad it’s good that low light it’s lacking quite a little bit but overall it’s not your best in the segment.Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

megapixel Front camera will give you good selfies but for that face also has to play an important part but whatever is available on the subject it only enhances it and that’s fine and acceptable.Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

Android 7.1 out of the box with XIAOMI’S own MI UI 8.5 is not clustered and both only give the user a variety of experience.

One Hand Mode Welcome Addition? 

The makers have given an option to those who may find the screen too big to handle by giving options to shrink the beast into 4.5 inches, 4 inches, and 3.5 inches so that typing becomes easier. But then point arises why would anyone buy who doesn’t have the grip to hold such a biggie and may let it slip, anyways it’s there and so it’s acceptable.

Reading Mode is ok in fashion, but how many use it and does it really help to reduce the strain and tension on the eyes is anyone’s guess.


Opinion: Xiaomi Mi Max 2, A Monster in your palm.

Yes if someone is looking for a device which is big which has got all the tricks and some are top notch and some acceptable and at a price point which is its high point especially when in terms of you get it as low as you could dream but didn’t expect it to be Rs 16999 then this Mi Max 2 beast is truly your best option in this category.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.