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Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.
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Shawn Kalon

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Life coach, Correspondent at GyanDarbar, Documentary filmmaker, Actor.
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Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.


Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.


Last time they met AMANDA (also known as The Lioness)  won but VALENTINA (also known as THE Bullet), thought otherwise and it was not sour grapes but what she thought made sense if the match had a long run that’s 5 rounds, but then you have to succeed in whatever is dished and it was 3.

This time when they met it was of Twenty five minutes so everything it seemed had been taken care of that’s what the organisers, the players and the spectators ROGER’S PLACE at ALBERTA in CANADA thought but then you can’t control what’s in store and when everything was sorted the JUDGES main subjects besides the players turned this final conflict more controversial and everyone confused when the dust settled. Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

If anyone wants to look for justification to one of the most popular sayings “HISTORY REPEATS ITSELF” they don’t have to look beyond UFC 2015 main event as in fact the final result of Valentina loss has left more questions than answers and Part 3 seems inevitable in the future.

The people who mattered the most The Judges gave a split decision 47-48, 48-47, 48-47 in favour of the defending champ and it’s that she didn’t deserve it’s just what transpired in the Octagon was that none was a loser in most eyes.

If we look at the round by round performance of both the warriors

1st Round was expected cautious from both sides as every fight is a new showcase of arsenal by everyone which the best try to dissect so we’re the Lioness and Bullet doing though it seemed Valentina was a little more aggressive

2nd Round was a surprise especially from Amanda as she had never experienced 5 rounds so it was thought she would be going full throttle but maybe she had the stamina as per her belief and so was taking her time so she was defensive which made Valentina too apprehensive thus wait for your opponent to make their move was being followed to the T.

3rd Round- This too followed the previous two rounds pattern just that for a naked eye it seemed the Challenger had done just a little bit more action from her side.

4th Round A few leg shots by both it seemed both were expected to open a little bit more than Valentina had a couple of shots to offer but the champ dint crack.Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

By this time the crowd had started to Boo in parts as it was understandable it was nowhere near to what they expected from opponents who are pure class.

So now all eyes were on the last round and anticipation was it will be fierce as both parties knew this would be made or break as nothing substantial had happened in the previous rounds.

So did it happen was the last five minutes enough to make everyone in the arena and millions watching at home in bars and mobiles to forget the twenty minutes of Boredom?Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

5th Round Sadly no, though it was the round where most action was since the previous had minimal this had more than minimal but not at all suitable for leave aside this but be it any is unacceptable. To give credit to the champ when she realised nothing was working she applied wrestling and this change in strategy brought two Take downs and that it seemed tilted the result in her favour. But it was not that the bullet got helpless in fact here was where it resulted in controversy as despite the takedowns and lying low she was able to punch much more.Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

What was a little bit of an irony that Amanda became a lioness and dished out a few punches even when the bell almost rang as if woke up from her sleep, had she shown such desperation to win may be the outcome in terms of result and entertainment would have been different?

Post match comments were as different as chalk and cheese and it was pretty obvious who got the chalk to write what she felt and Valentina dint mince words that the Lioness may have dodged the bullet but actually it was she who deserved.Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

All said and done the slayer of RONDA ROUSEY and MISHRA TAIT and now 2 and 0 against VALENTINA SHEVCHENKO makers her CV look invincible and she being from great to on way to greatness.

Finally to be the best you have to put everything to rest so Let the 3rd Match decide who has the might.

UFC 215 FEATHER  WEIGHT BOUTOpinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.


If fight of the night what anyone was looking for then this perfectly fitted the bill as what MELENDEZ displayed was mental strength, perseverance and ultimate guts as despite being kicked repeatedly  and getting a swollen left leg, and falling instantly he still got up and completed the 3 rounds and even the winner JEREMY who had in fact postponed his wedding to fight this war and  gave him a thumbs up.


Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.


IT was a lesson in wrestling to his younger opponent by LATIFI who just gave take downs and making his opponent completely helpless though he survived the 3 rounds the result was never in doubt showed in the judges 29-28, 29-28, 30-27.


Opinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.


Rafael took just a couple of minutes to apply a Choke and squeeze the living day lights out of his opponent.


HENRY CEJUDO vs WILSON REISOpinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

The 2008 Olympic gold medallist HENRY was in no mood to wait and watch as if had a plane to catch can be gauged from the fact that in beginning of 2nd round boom right hand took WILSON down.

Such was the dominance of the victor he hit 50 strikes in total including head, body and legs.

CANCELLATION  AFTER EFFECTSOpinion: UFC 215, Fights That are Turning Average.

UFC 2015 was actually going to have the main event in form of  FLYWEIGHT CHAMPIONSHIP MATCH between the current champion DEMETRIOUS JOHNSON and the Challenger RAY BORG but had to be cancelled at the last moment due to RAY’S  health issue. Had the bout taken place maybe this UFC 2015 would have been more memorable than what it actually turned out to be and that’s pretty average.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.