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Opinion: Tiger Zinda Hai is Critic proof the way Salman Bhai is Bulletproof.

Opinion: Tiger Zinda Hai is Critic proof the way Salman Bhai is Bulletproof.
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Opinion: Tiger Zinda Hai is Critic proof the way Salman Bhai is Bulletproof.

The day I heard the famous line about critics that ‘A Critic is the one who sees a film quickly and arrogantly but not wisely’ I decided to write my reviews, which I deliberately call opinion on Mondays, after thinking and rethinking wisely about the films I see on Fridays. But Tiger Zinda Hai is a typical Salman Bhai film made to give orgasms to his fans and in three days you forget everything about his films if you are not his die hard fan. Same happened with me, now I only remember that not a single bullet dared to touch Bhai on a tense day of bullet fire rains in North Syria where Forty Indian and Pakistani nurses have been abducted by a feared terrorist group ISC. I also remember a scene where Salman Bhai avoids inhaling the poisonous gases by putting his T-shirt over his nose while others needed masks, and then he shows his body and people cheered and he shot everyone in the room as if he is killing mosquitoes. And Bhai’s entry scene is hilariously fabulous too, where he encounters a pack of wolves and while he was delivering the dialogue ‘Shikaar to sab karte hai lekin Tiger se behtar shikaar koi nai karta’ all the hungry wolves waited and when he finished then only attacked. Even wolves know Bhai ke dialogues ke saath majak nahi. Bhai gets a horse and rides faster than bikes and Jeeps. Even after 8 years of disappearance Indian RAW cannot get over Bhai, it shows RAW is a Bhai fan too. Salman Bhai walks in slow motion many times during firing, you know Bhai pe goliyon ka bhi Asar Nai, it is his swag, humko film nai Bhai ko Dekhna hai. Action scenes are the offspring of Hollywood and South Indian films, some are nicely choreographed and some are repetitive and some are unintentionally funny.

Tiger Zinda Hai
Salman Khan and Katrina Kaif in Tiger Zinda Hai

In short the film is filled with cheap thrills for single screen audiences and that is almost the entire country, from Bhai to jingoistic nationalism which looks so flat because we have seen it thousands of time so far to a dreaded villain who is very smart but when it is required the most he doesn’t use his mind to be beaten by Bhai because he is Bhai, the one man army. It is another usual port boiler but to make it plot heavy director Ali Abbas Zafar mashed it with a true story of the abduction of nurses and eventually made it more silly. Watch Take off, a Malayalam film based on the same true event and it is so authentic and watch Tiger Zinda Hai only for Bhai, not for the story and powerful film-making. Zafar’s last film Sultan was a laughing stock on wrestling and this one is a laugh riot on RAW and ISI. Paresh Rawal is there too, he hams big time, all supporting cast looks caricatures except Sajjad Delafroz who plays Abu Usman the ISC chief terrorist and Anupriya Goenka as Poorna, one of the nurses who needs rescuing.

The good thing is Salman Khan, our Superhero Bhai, he is looking cool in every frame with beards and Katrina is superb in action scenes, in fact the scene where she rescues young girls and takes the hospital’s blue print map where the nurses are being kept is the best choreographed and performed action scene of the film. Not to forget the production value is brilliant and yes for a change they have shown love between India and Pakistan, that’s good.

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I loved the first Tiger film directed by Kabir Khan and this stale sequel is nowhere near, Zafar fails to give the human touch of Kabir to the film. I don’t know why Salman is playing the roles of human, why not make a film Zafar where Tiger finds he has super powers and nobody can defeat him, he is doing it anyway but making a fantasy will justify every shit you do, right? Two songs are good, Dil diya Gallan and Swag se Swagat but I have Saavn app for that. It’s new year time, go watch it once because you can’t bear this over long tedious action film again. And for Salman fans, do whatever you want to do man, watch it 100 times but don’t trouble anybody. There’s no worth of my stars because it is a blockbuster already, Tiger Zinda Hai is critic proof the way Salman Bhai is bulletproof.

Agam Anand
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