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Opinion: Netflix Original Movie Bright is a Tricky Cop Fantasy Thriller.

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Opinion: Netflix Original Movie Bright is a Tricky Cop Fantasy Thriller.

Netflix has decided to make original films for tabs, smartphones and small screens with a big budget and high stakes, this time with Bright starring Will Smith and Joel Edgerton under the direction of Suicide Squad and Fury fame David Ayer, they went all out to promote the film which is made on a budget of $90 Million USD. Remember last time Netflix made a $60 Million original film with Brad Pitt called War Machine, it was panned by the critics and people also hardly saw it even on their phones. In every way, Bright was a risk for Netflix especially when the Actor-director duo of Ayer and Smith got a lot of flak for Suicide Squad though the film was a success commercially. I read extremely bad reviews of Bright too, but I never believe in someone else’s opinions so I saw it and was blown by the guts of the makers. The opening shot gives you a positive pump with the lovely song ‘We’re broken people now’ sung by Rory Charles Graham and Sir Robert Bryson Hall II and then with ease the movie proceeds and captures your attention. I got the news that in just 3 days over 11 Million people streamed the film, so finally, Netflix got what they wanted, a hit original film.

I feel Bright is a tricky film not only for the makers to execute but also for the audiences to watch and get entertained because if you haven’t read R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings or haven’t seen the cult trilogy of Peter Jackson of the same name then you’ll find this movie difficult to understand forget about getting entertainment, you might get irritated with the plot. But if you’re aware of Lord of the Rings history then you will call Bright a remarkable achievement in the modern contemporary fantasy genre.

I will give thumbs up to David Ayer for trying to blend fantasy, hard-hitting cop drama, and social commentary in one product and come out with flying colors. The movie not only entertains but also gives us the allegory on racism, hatred in the name of caste, color, and above all on our greed and anger.

Will Smith as Cop Daryl Ward is superb, his dialogue delivery is bang on and he is well supported by Joel Edgerton as Nick Jakoby, the nation’s first Orkish police officer, though he is hidden under layers of prosthetics and makeup, hats off to his commitment. The film has a lot of humor and sarcasm too, watch it and enjoy but before that must know about Elves and Orcs, refer Lord of the Rings. I wish to see Bright on the big screen also, it is a worth watching affair.

Agam Anand
Agam Anand is a Novelist and a Stand-Up Artist. He has written two Novels, his 1st novel 'A Non-Entity' became an instant hit among youths while his second one 'The Colossal Illusion' ranked in the Top 100 best selling books in a day of its release on Amazon, it also won the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2019 in the USA, for being the best Romantic Novel of the year. Anand also won the Author of the year award at the NE8x Literature Festival 2019 for 'The Colossal Illusion'. He has graduated from Patna in Accounts and did his Masters from Kolkata but he is more interested in writing, Literature, Philosophy, and the internet. He is a Cinema Buff, Cricket lover, Very Positive and wants to see everyone Happy.