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Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?
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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Analysis: LG G6

LG is one of those Giants which has achieved what most can only dream, but when it comes to mobiles it’s dreaming of what some others are achieving. Not that LG is some any other brand that it needs to make itself relevant because it’s already ruling the roost or among the top most when it comes to being the A lister.

So why has LG not achieved, what it should have in fact it’s being almost made null by unknown untrustworthy Chinese makers (Though things have been improving?) is any body’s guess. 

In this quest of getting back in the reckoning in the world of mobiles, LG comes with what it believes will help in to make a dent in the upper layer and it can again be a player.

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Let’s look at what it’s got for the consumer who already has so many to choose from, so if a redundant wants to be dominant it’s got to have at least one out of the box innovation.

DESIGN:Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

If looks were the sole criteria to judge a phone then this would be stiff competition to any phone in this and a little bit above segment (Rs. 51,990 range) as it’s the best LG had to offer till date. What’s really pleasing and actually should be the norm for all is Curved Corners with the screen slightly away from edges thus protecting the screen beside beautification.

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

The glass back gives it a rich feel though, in the end, the same question arises won’t you use a Cover?

DISPLAY:Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

It’s but natural Screen has to be Sharp, Bright and having good Colour Accuracy and this 5.7-inch QHD has got it all.

Watching Videos is also a Delight as Dolby Vision and Advanced HDR makes the overall experience brighter and crystal clear of course for that the content also has to be in sync which is work in progress though may take the time to come in the market.

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Overall in DISPLAY and DESIGN department LG has kept everything classy, easy to hold (163 grams), it’s competition behold and WATER and DUST resistant make it a front runner in all.Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?


Such high-end devices ought to have the best what money can get and the Snapdragon 821 processor along with 4GB is definitely yes. What this processor does is multi tasking, gaming and any heavy duty stuff quite easy ok for the phone to digest.


Only 32GB makes you wonder but then expandable capability till 256 GB calms you down though only a bit as 64GB should have been there from the starting as even mid range have this facility so why this travesty when charging a bomb.


How ironic is the main ingredient in most mid range mobiles and which they swear by all the while especially when it comes to being publicized never given the push when it comes to big daddy’s, as it is a foregone conclusion they will definitely be the top notch maybe?

Rear Camera – 13 MP and it’s not one but twins along with a LED Flash in the mid is very good and gives you brilliant clicks be it the standard view of 70 degrees or wide angle of 125 degrees. It’s got many modes and just a touch away for zooming and capturing frames.Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

So, all in all, it’s doing full justice and better when it’s a flagship.

Front Camera – It may be the only 5 MP but no less than any bigger can be experienced by the Selfies which are good and not let you feel cheated but then we always want more. 

Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

LG has further more enhanced the camera experience for the user by installing their custom app known as THE SQUARE APP which has some intelligent and smart user-friendly editings and additions like whatever is being tinkered with can be shared on the second screen which the tall G6 frame plays an important role in.


Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

Yes, you read it right and it’s not a typing error either isn’t a typing error as except the GOOGLE Flagship this is the only ANDROID 7.0  phone in the market having it. But how much anyone utilizes it is what the deal is.


So unfortunate like it’s flagship competitors LG too has committed the sin of giving something which doesn’t last for twenty-four hours maybe the companies don’t have and the technical capabilities to provide a sleek phone with slim trim battery.


Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

The power button and the FINGERPRINT button at the back like brothers in arms just below the camera are like makers want you not to have all the fun as touching the camera may cause scratches but users are perfect is what their notions are misplaced. 

SHOULD YOU BUY IT?Opinion: LG G6 Reviving the Giant?

If Demonetization has not broken your back or you are rich enough even after GST then you can tackle this phone which is a good buy and the most important thing when it comes to After Service LG is the unprecedented EMPEROR, a true benchmark in consumers satisfaction and it’s all about us, right, maybe our GOVERNMENT thinks otherwise.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.