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Opinion: Kesari

Opinion: Kesari
Shawn Kalon
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Opinion: Kesari

Opinion about Kesari, have a read.


Director – Anurag Singh

Cinematography – Anshul Chobey

Release Date – 21st March 2019

Budget – 100 crore

IMDb rating 7.4: That’s too much but we are not blaming anyone from the present regime definitely not related to the saffron social army.

History with a tinge of Tadka deserves better treatment and when it is related to the present 36 Sikh regiments because in the end cinema is the only true medium which has the maximum reach also for refreshing memories and installing new beliefs.

Bollywood is behaving as that serial killer which has the passion to destroy whatever good is out there in terms of historical scripts.

KESARI is good but nowhere near what it should have been.

Akshay Kumar is to be partially blamed because he is the man who is in a hurry and it is reflecting in most of the projects be it GOLD or PADMAN and the trilogy is completed with this hopefully ‘Ab Bas’ but unfortunately not?

GOOD – Performances are fine, every person does their best in whatever time frame they are allowed to act. The direction is good. The cinematography is just about ok.

The family part of Ishar’s life is woven quite well though maybe Akshay does not have time so everything was shot at the same place.

Surprisingly toned down Desh Ki Mitti is welcome maybe because the regiment fought for Sikh pride and regiment’s honor for the Britishers so makers couldn’t find a way or just didn’t have the talent to install it. Maybe, the forts in the movie didn’t have Kajaria tiles?

AVERAGE – The enemy turns out to be the biggest enemy of the movie as they just don’t install fear or chills down your spines. We miss you Amrish puri, Om puri.

The character build-up of every braveheart needed more space but two hours thirty minutes are too less and serials do more justice as in 21 Sarfarosh Saragarhi 1897 did, do watch it if you can find it?

VFX is a necessity but in hand to hand combats it should have been avoided and made as realistic as possible because, in the end, the gory act is what makes maximum impact.

Should you watch it? Not for anything but the grit and valor shown by 21 men and their Muslim cook. National integration hopefully is noticed.

Final Say – MANIKARNIKA and now KESARI, opportunities wasted as they deserve maximum reach and not just 100 crore breach.


URI, MANIKARNIKA, and now KESARI it seems last few months either we are or we are not I didn’t mean Desh Bhakts or government Bhakts?

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.