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Opinion: HTC U11 ‘Squeeze Me To Glory’

Opinion: HTC U11 'Squeeze Me To Glory'
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Opinion: HTC U11 ‘Squeeze Me To Glory’

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

HTC U11 Analysis and opinion: ‘ALL THAT GLITTERS, IS NOT GOLD’ saying aptly fits for HTC when it comes to the brilliant quality which rarely transforms into quantity both in sale and profits subsequently.


HTC has done it what it’s more successful competitors have not been trying of late and that is;

Giving something out of the box, catching everyone off guard. Giving something which finally comes handy and is of day to day use age and not your oblivious kind of hidden trick which even if known is so tedious or confusing that no one bothers to utilise it. Here is where HTC has broken the norm and given the consumers what they want but never dreamt it would be so innovative.

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

Who would have imagined Squeezing would be unadulterated and publicly relevant. OK now before you let your imagination run wild let GD clear the air what it’s all about:


Just Hold The Phone;

1. So you want to open the CAMERA?

Squeeze the Bottom half of the phone and the camera is there to be used.

2. Now you want to click a picture?

Squeeze the phone a little bit more and the subject is clicked.

3. Want to go from REAR to FRONT camera and vice versa?

Squeeze the phone little bit harder and Camera swopping is done for you to either take selfie or picture of any.

4. How to open GOOGLE ASSISTANT?

Squeeze the phone from Home screen itself and Google Assistant is there at your service.

EDGE SENSE can be customised as depending on the availability in the options and as per your preference from that variants.


12 MP Rear CameraOpinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

It is great covers all the aspects required which ought to be a high-end device and there are no lags whatsoever be it Sharpness, Brightness, Crispiness thus what pics are clicked satisfy everybody to the hilt.

What’s noticeable is that the makers concentrated on one camera and not the dual gimmick which we are being dished out by many of them, but rarely give the required results. In fact, why have two when one can cover all areas and give the same if not better clicks for you.


Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

Selfie lovers will love the product as it’s got everything to make even a dull  face look refreshed and beautiful (isn’t it what we all look for right?)

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

While going through the camera we noticed that since the back of the mobile is so shiny like a mirror, the subject can look into it and use the REAR camera for a selfie giving Dual altogether a new meaning.


Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

HTC is known for giving the Music lovers a grooving experience like none as it’s Audio quality is always number one and this one too has the Usonic headphones with noise cancellation making it top notch.

Here too with HTC boom sound, it’s giving the listeners what they expect when buying their product and they will not get disappointed with the built in microphones are truly music to the ears. What’s an addition and always welcomed as it enhances the already high-end experience is the 3D recording the microphones.

No 3.5 mm Jack is more than compensated by the adapter for USB type C which is in the box.

STUNNER DESIGNOpinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

It’s a beautifully crafted phone though could have done better work on the Basels but still, it’s got the looks what with the Shining back which is as glossy as it comes also is super reflective (As mentioned above, which helps you to take a selfie even from Rear camera as is so mirror-like).

It’s got Corning Glass 5 making it a strong and certified upper layer which when tested was justified.

So its beauty besides being healthy which is what every mobile should be

5.5-inch DISPLAY

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

How should a QHD screen experience like?

Sharp, Crisp least colour Saturation and treat to the eyes and yes it covers all and is a delight to watch.

We at GD always stress on the point that minimum screen size should be 5.5 because, in the end, your phone has become more of an entertainment replacement, so if bigger than better the experience of that particular source. Also, have two variants in terms of the screen size of want to satisfy all.

FINGER PRINT SCANNER is pleasantly not at the back but at the bottom in front so your camera is safe from scratches.

PROCESSOROpinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

Qualcomm  835 processor is the best and in reality can’t be anything less in high end and flagship phones. Thus everything from Gaming to Multitasking etc is easy and smooth.

STORAGEOpinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

One more standout thing is the 6GB which with 64 GB and 128 GB variants inbuilt space which can be expanded to 256 GB with help of a micro SD card makes its one beast of a device which has all the might.


Best for the Last? Sadly nopes the bubble had to burst somewhere and HTC does it the way many flagships have been doing not giving the required juice for 24 hours to bloom.

Ok, we are not going to advise or criticise the company because it’s like the Hindi saying ‘BHAINS KE AAAGE BEEN BAJANA’ (A Buffalo will not sing when a musical instrument you ring) types. 


HTC would have truly Nailed it had it not for the battery but then that’s not that bad unless you eat sleep with your phone, otherwise this U11 is the one for U because be it the CAMERA DESIGN, DISPLAY and SOUND all SQUEEZED into one making it one of the best in the market can be found.

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'

Also at last HTC has not repeated the mistake of over pricing which it used to follow as if their religion and kill their products, thus the 51000 Rs approx is acceptable and on par with any of its competitors. 

So enjoy the Unadulteratesqueeze.

Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory'Opinion: HTC U11'Squeeze Me To Glory' Purchase it from amazon click here

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