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Opinion: DC’s Justice League is Fun but certainly Less Than Marvel Films.

Opinion: DC's Justice League is Fun but certainly Less Than Marvel Films.
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Opinion: DC’s Justice League is Fun but certainly Less Than Marvel Films.

DC cinematic universe is hell-bent to be the next Marvel but it is on the slippery ground since the beginning, Justice League is definitely a positive step on DC’s road for future. Director Zack Snyder seems to wash off the sins that he made in his last two Superhero big flicks, Man Of Steel and Superman VS Batman: Dawn Of Justice. Both films were box office hits and had plenty of good things in them but still received a fairly mixed reaction from critics and underperformed at the box office when you compare them with the Marvel films. Dawn Of Justice was extremely intense and dark people didn’t like that, the screenplay looked confusing, later the director’s cut on the DVD was more appreciated and applauded yes the visuals were stunning and performances were superb but here in the Justice League, Snyder is looking to make things simpler, lighter and more importantly bright. The film has a run time of only 2 hours which is crisp, this is one of the costliest films ever made in the world so the cinematography and production design is bound to be good. The plot is the same like all the other superhero union films, that is to save the world from the evil which is surely plotted thin but the screenplay by Joss Whedon and Chris Terrio makes the ride worth watching, upgraded with loads of fun and superheroes with their frail human sides evident still very much worthy to be rooted for.

Justice League
DC Superheroes unite to save the world

The Film has some heavy problems too and the biggest is its antagonist, Steppenwolf voiced by Ciarán Hinds and entirely created by CGI does looks promising in his intro scene but later the character loses its steam and becomes a drag and is hardly impactful. The CGI villain moves slow and when the threat is leisurely in front of the heroes yet thrashes them then it becomes very hard to digest. The bar has been set very high by Cate Blanchett’s Hela in Thor: Ragnarok, so DC need to buck up as soon as possible. Another predictable shortcoming of the film is the routine VFX chaos in the climax, I really want something different in the superhero films climaxes now. Well, but most things are bang on this time, the characters makes you invested throughout. Flash played by Ezra Miller is one heck of a character, funny and entertaining. He is fast like lightning in his power but takes time to understand as a person, Miller makes you laugh in the awkward times even when the explosive VFX-fied climax is going. Cyborg played by Ray Fisher is probably not well defined but the actor is very much into his character. Jason Momoa as Aqua Man is towering to look at and effective. She is so damn good that it seems Gal Gadot is born to play Wonder Woman’s character and here too she has delivered which will compel you to clap. But the best of the lot is Batman played by Ben Affleck, he was intense and brilliant in the last part but this time he is at ease and more comfortable playing the part. All the humorous one liners that he says will stay with you. Henry Cavill as Superman is impressive again and his comeback scene is out-fucking-standing, special mention to the scene where he picks up Batman and asks ‘Do you Bleed’ then throws him on the ground. Batman cries in pain and says ‘Something is definitely Bleeding’. The film is fun, super fun but yes little less than the recent Marvel movies, the tagline of the film says, You can’t save the world alone and certainly these heroes together has saved the sinking DC cinematic world. I’ll go with 3.5 stars, go watch it in 3D and if you have a theater near by in 4D then rush now.

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