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Opinion: You get out alive from the hall says a lot about Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan.

Opinion: You get out alive from the hall says a lot about Anees Bazmee's Mubarakan.
Shawn Kalon
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Opinion: You get out alive from the hall says a lot about Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan.

Anees Bazmee’s Mubarakan – I committed a sin and hid from my GD brothers even, ok now don’t get me wrong it was not as if I caused riots and killed people or promised loads and didn’t deliver or lynched someone.

The sin I committed was a cinematic one and had almost 100 people sitting with me in terms of helping something grow which actually shouldn’t exist in the first place but has been thriving for a long time and will do as we at GD always say ‘CINEMA REFLECTS SOCIETY’ in the majority.

Ok, this sin is not going convict me to Kaala Paani as it’s nothing if watching Ready, Bodyguard, Dabangg or Dilwale is taken into account that’s like you are co-operating in murder.

Mubarakan, in reality, is not a sin but it’s like thinking of committing one but doesn’t happen in reality it’s actually neither here nor there, it’s not good nor bad, not almost good not almost bad, I think it is nothing, it’s just hanging in middle like most of us are in our lives at present regime.

Directed by Anees Bazmee who from last few years has decided that ok this is my safe zone of Khichdi of various characters who are in total confusion and nothing is permanent except fast paced ‘Dimaag Ka Dahi’.

Cinematography, Art Direction etc. are all as mediocre as it gets, in fact, they better be otherwise beautiful cinema will be total Contradiction.

Music of such funny for many in parts is like boon because of which Zabardasti Ke Gaane or item songs are flourishing and because from each character be it hero or a servant are into it jumping hip hopping which will give complex to monkeys thus the day is not far when ninety-nine percent of actors will have item number on their CV.

Editing is the hero or culprit depending upon who you are because everything happens so fast is why such cinema comes in the non-stop suspense category.


The Director is the captain and actors are the souls in such movies as if you can’t howl shout overreact you are not in sync and Mubarakan has some of the finest actors, Anil Kapoor, Ratna Pathak Shah and Pawan Malhotra (at last he is getting roles and is more visible, no one’s more deserving than him), and the beauty of good actors is they make everything even if it’s mentioned above their own and make it bearable to an extent.

The rest of the cast and mind you they are always plenty a special mention to Arjun Kapoor no no not for wearing long overcoats and gowns but because one of his double role characters doesn’t speak much what a relief, but cherry on the cake is the other is not in loudspeaker mode otherwise audience ka Rab Raakha.

The female leads have plenty to do in terms of looking good but have no scope for acting.

Supporting cast actually heroines included along with Rahul Dev (Nice to see him after a while) Gurpal and others do a fine job of what they are told and while watching you realize there is nothing much that was told.

Readers who are looking for the story well that’s the beauty of such movies they have no stories they have incidents which create more incidents and this chain is bound into one to make a 2 hours plus dish, most of the time its London destination which seriously now should be excepted and look for at least new as it is done and dusted.

Finally, Mubarakan is that recipe which after tasting you will find spits in your mouth but you have seen worst so this is digestible, gives you some good laughs though not consistent strictly for aam Janta not for those who worship cinema and swear by every aspect should be more than above average.

Should you watch it? If last few months of your life has suffered due to Demonetization then GST along with unbearable Indian movies which have been like ghee in the fire. So in this tension and haywire and looking for a ray of hope in form of some entertainment you desire then this average sorry below average sorry a nothing sort of Mubarakan can be given try as you must have gone through a lot in the past months and watching nothing will calm your nerves.

Note: But again only for Aam Janta (Don’t get us wrong and we are not downgrading AAm Aadmis) that’s governments forte right?

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.