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Open Book By Jessica Simpson is a Bestseller.

Open Book By Jessica Simpson is a Bestseller.

Open Book By Jessica Simpson is a Bestseller.

Open Book By Jessica Simpson is a Bestseller with amazing reviews, it is published by Dey Street Books.

About The Book:

Jessica Simpson has seen the highest highs of fame—her face on the cover of magazines, hit songs on the radio, the adoration of fans across the world. As a girl who wanted nothing more than to share the gift of her voice, her gift from God, she felt truly blessed in her success. But the road to the limelight is never an easy one, and in her memoir, Simpson offers her story—of her life before the fame, and after, and the struggles she’s endured. Perhaps more than most, Jessica has found herself the target of unfair scrutiny. Plagued by demons, inner and outer, she made the difficult decision to step out of the limelight and build her life, her family, and her business. Today, Jessica is “coming home to herself,” and ready to tell all—the good, the bad, the ugly, and the beautiful of her life. This is a memoir of faith, of the love of family, of tragedy, and of triumph. It shares the heart of this relatable girl-next-door millions of women have grown up idolizing. She will disarm you with her honesty and inspire you to admit your own mistakes. Most important, you’ll respect and admire her strength and ability to endure and eventually find peace and joy. She includes 30-40 black-and-white and 4-color images in the book.

Jessica Simpson
Courtesy: Dey Street Books

About The Author:

Jessica Simpson is an icon in the music, fashion, and entertainment industries. In 2005, she launched The Jessica Simpson Collection, now a global brand distributed in more than sixty-two countries. She is married to former NFL player Eric Johnson and is the mother of three children. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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