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One Plus 5: First Impression

One Plus
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One Plus 5: First Impression

One Plus 5: First Impression

One Plus 5: First Impression

COMPANY: Shenzhen based Chinese startup came into existence in 2013.

Ok, it’s a successor to the almost phenomenon ONE PLUS 3 so it has got a lot of it in terms of momentum but also has to live up to the expectations are quantum, does it or doesn’t?


RAM of 6GB is truly a great addition.

OCTA CORE QUALCOMM SNAPDRAGON 835 PROCESSOR takes care of pretty much every heavy-duty stuff.

ANDROID 7.1 out of the box has to be a norm and it’s there.

WEIGHT is Light and sleek of 153 grams not heavy on arms.

DISPLAY and DESIGN are Natural and soothing to the eyes just like iPhone 7 as uses the same technology.

One Plus 5: First Impression

All-Metal Body 

One Plus 5: First Impression

TOUCHSCREEN: Receptive and smooth as butter.

FAST CHARGING: Is good as it gets.One Plus 5: First ImpressionCOULD HAVE BEEN BETTER:

DISPLAY: Fails miserably in bright Sunlight. Not 4K or even QHD just plain HD.

INTERNAL STORAGE: Can’t be expanded in 64 GB variant.

BATTERY:  Not bad but could have been more than 3300mah to break the  24hour barrier.

WIRELESS CHARGING: Is given a miss.

WATER-PROOFING: Definitely should have been included.


REAR: 20 megapixel with twin sensors is up to the mark and does give you your choice of clicks.

One Plus 5: First Impression

FRONT: 16 megapixel gives you selfies which may not be like some selfie flagships but then this phone doesn’t force it upon you.One Plus 5: First Impression

Optical Stabilisation: Given a miss is a disaster of epic proportions as it’s the backbone both for clicks and 4k videos.One Plus 5: First Impression

Usual suspects:

WiFi, GPS, BLUETOOTH, NFC, USB, OTG, 4G are there and also the sensors from Compass to Gyroscope are covered.


One Plus 5: First Impression

At Rs 32000 for 64 GB and Rs 38000 for 128, but with cons equalling pro and nothing revolutionary to the fore this DUAL SIM got the pricing absolutely wrong.

Is it a great fall from the ONE PLUS 3? Well not being harsh but yes it’s a stumble.

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