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NRC and CAB: Satyagraha 2.0

NRC and CAB: Satyagraha 2.0
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NRC and CAB: Satyagraha 2.0

NRC and CAB: Satyagraha 2.0 is required.

From very perpetuity, the Gandhian style of agitation is the best and most effective way to agitation.

Students, men, and women in the states of north-east are an uprising against the irrelevant, unconstitutional, undemocratic citizenship amendment act 2019. Which assaults the very fundamental values of our constitution. “Assam agitation like Satyagraha 2.0 is brewing”.

A series of protests broke around the country in order to defy/object the citizenship amendment bill 2019 which got the president assent on 12 December 2019. The act aims to provide citizenship to a certain religious community of illegal migrants from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Afganistan in a fast track manner.

The method of passive resistance and civil disobedience that we have learned from Gandhi Ji seems like vanishing or losing its aura. Gandhi Ji forever advocated non-violent, passive and peaceful resistance. Whether in Champaran, Bihar, Ahemdabad or in Kheda, Gujrat Gandhi Ji had always emphasized peaceful and non-violent ways of agitation.

But the violent uprising in the state of Assam and Bengal is the testament that we are defying Gandhian philosophy and ideology. To crusade is the fundamental rights of the people of a democratic nation but the very moment your agitation turns violent the war is lost. Vandalizing public property will not prove anything instead It will sabotage our own image.

Whether “the citizenship act 2019” draconian or not The supreme court will adjudicate albeit I will suggest that carrying our protest in a peaceful, non-violent and in Gandhian way is the only legitimate way.

While the protests are still going on The Supreme Court on Wednesday 18th December 2019 decided to examine the constitutional validity of the Citizenship (Amendment) Act (CAA) but refused to stay its operation. Now only time will tell where it will go, but one thing is certain that all is not well at all in India.

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