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New releases January 4th week 2017

New releases January 4th week 2017
Shawn Kalon
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New releases January 4th week 2017

A purist will always say that movies should never be compared, as two products have their own strengths and weakness unless both deals with the same subject like it happened with LEGENDRY BHAGAT SINGH, where paying homage to the MARTYR was the last thing on their mind, how SHAMELESS.

But maybe it’s in our blood to downgrade our fellow beings, that’s why we are more bothered about other’s stuff than concentrating on our own product.

Let’s look at what our beloved humans from dreamworld are upto this time.

Let’s hope RAEES is kaabil enough and KAABIL is raees enough to help the industry grow both in the terms of quality and quantity in the end.


No matter who the star is (except when it’s PK), the end result in terms of critical and commercial success is entirely dependent on the captain of the ship.

In both these cases, the directors have lots to prove as both RAHUL DHOLAKIA and SANJAY GUPTA are in charge of movies with two of the biggest stars SRK and HRITIK who are struggling to relive glorious past.

Rahul of RAEES  has proved his credentials only in an offbeat NATIONAL AWARD WINNING MOVIE, but handling an out and out commercial venture is a different ballgame altogether and a majority have failed even if SHYAM BENGAL thy your name.

Sanjay of KAABIL what can we say well his originality takes a hit if its not a KOREAN cinema Remake, in fact, they should give him honorary citizenship for promoting Korean cinema to land of more than a billion. Unfortunately, his record is more of style than substance.

So, in reality, both these wannabe big timers have their acid test as in the end box office is what matters decides one’s fate, will they? Can they? If past record is any indication YES THEY CAN????

Time Time ki BAAT

Releasing KAABIL a few hours earlier than RAEES can be a double edged sword as if the movie has the Kaabliyat then everyone concerned from makers to exhibitors enjoys its fruits but if it’s not got what it takes then RAEES will benefit from its spoilers.



New releases January 4th week 2017
Budget – 50 crores approx

Screen count – 2000+ screens


New releases January 4th week 2017
SRK needs a big hit desperately with Raees.


Budget – 90 crores approx

Screen count – 2500+ screens

Advance Booking – As expected RAEES is ahead but KAABIL not far behind.

Reality bites – It’s the final countdown for everyone concerned, the directors can get the much-needed jump, the actors can get the desperate resurrection and most importantly and hopefully the audience gets to watch good cinema and not have to wait for the same SUPERSTAR who is coming SECRETLY in early August to satisfy them once again.

Unrealistic Reality

SHAH RUKH KHAN’S much in news to change release date meeting with RAKESH ROSHAN but lately said I quote “No matter how much each movie earns, in end everything goes into the industry and should not bother about same day clashes”, proves what’s said and what’s in reality balances on a thin line.

Finally – Baniye ka dimaag succeeds not at the expense of someone else Mind and the audience sees and relishes both.

Shawn Kalon
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