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New releases January 3rd week 2017

New releases January 3rd week 2017
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 New releases January 3rd week 2017



New releases January 3rd week 2017

New releases January 3rd week 2017 – Comedy, Drama is what the makers believe have achieved in this DON of media world (loosely based on ARNAB GOSWAMI) vs D of the underworld. Hopefully, if Sunil Grover can replicate 5% of his small screen popularity on big, That motive will be achieved.

Should you waThat’stricky because unfortunately, big productions houses with master makers don’t try such when Hollywood empires dish out every now and then.So go with no expectations or go on someone else’s charity.

Director – Visual.M

Cast – Zaire  Hussain, Sunil Grover, Rajesh Sharma

Music – Superbia (Shaan-Gourav-Roshin), could have been better if not superb.

Lyrics- Sameer anjaan (those who have forgotten he was the one who penned  majority hit songs in 90s and early 2000)

Running time – 2hrs 13 min

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The Founder

The Founder

First THE SOCIAL NETWORK (2010) based on the real story behind FACEBOOK and now this on the how one man stole the show from the real inventors and made it his own, Big daddy of all in favoritism all over the globe when it comes to Junk food McDonald’s. It seems the real deal lies deep beneath.

Director – John Lee Hanco  (The wrestler)fame.

IMDB rating – 7.3/10

Critics take – It’s half baked but Micheal Keaton with his performance takes the cake.

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The Bye Bye Man

The Bye Bye Man


Should you watch-Yes off course, if want to see how Hollywood screws your sanity.

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The Crew

DIRECTOR – Nikolai Kozlovsky( of Legendary no 17 fame if you have heard it’s name).

Running time- 2hrs 6min

As you can see it’s a Russian cinemas presentation to all the action buffs, Remake of their 1979 hit, but as it happens always remakes seldom live up to its original.

Should you watch If want to see non-stop, high-octane skylised action then maybe but maybe can.


MOHAN is the LAL

Director – Jibu Jacob

Running time – 2hrs 34 min

Should you watch – Tagline maybe be ‘My life is my wife’, but Legendary MOHAN is the LAL(favorite )and lifeline of Malayalam cinema, so its always a treat.

Other releases

Jomonte suvisheshangal

Jomonte suvisheshangal (Jacob’s gospel’s)

Comedy drama

Director – sathyan Anthikad

Cast – Delquer salaam, Anupama param

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