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New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews
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New Releases February 1st week 2017 previews

Kung Fu Yoga

New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

IMDb – 6.3/10

Metacritic – 48%

Rotten tomatoes – 44%

Director – Stanley Tong

New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

(Producer, choreographer, screen writer, entrepreneur, philanthropist is a few things he can do .just a FEW?)

Stanley has been Winner of many awards like Golden Bear, Golden Lion etc Known for many cult martial art movies like Rumble In The Bronx, Police story 4th part etc etc

Budget- 66 million USD

Should you watch it- JACKIE CHAN (Chan Kong- sang real name) is a phenomenon and his Fan Base is and has been always strong because you don’t exist from the late 1970s.  In addition, the HINDI CHINI BHAI BHAI has been taken to a next level at least in a positive way what with SONU SOOD, AMRYA DASTUR and DISHA PATNI  hopefully showing the correct DISHA.


New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

Running Time -103 minutes

Made on a massive budget of 150 million USD, shot entirely in China with a major Hollywood Star MATT DAMON, Hopefully, it doesn’t turn out to be a DEMON for all concerned.

IMDb – 6.3/10

Metacritic- 48%

Rotten Tomatoes – 44%

Director – Zhang Yimon (previous products The Hero, House Of Flying Daggers)

Awards – Zhang has won many of which Golden Bear, Golden Lion are a few )

Should you watch it – Off course it’s got everything going with Matt, great action, apt Chinese stars and if nothing else works Stylised action and cinematography will not disappoint, minutes hopefully?


New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

Running minutes

IMDb – 6.3/10

Rotten Tomatoes – 41%

Metacritic – 54%

Budget- 35million USD (smartly Demonetized)

They say it takes two to Tango, or Torture because such products have extremes when it comes to likes and dislikes. But the likes are so hardcore that such Franchises survive a long long time,14 years this has too.

Director- W.S.Anderson the Human responsible for bringing to life by penning down vampires and werewolves and subsequently the big screen. Co-Directors have changed but he has remained common Captain of the ship, alongside his wife MILLA JOVOVICH, the face who runs the place when it comes to popularity.New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

Should you watch it

Frankly after watching the last few installments either they should be true to the title The Final Chapter or improve big time to attain cult status in a positive way.

Hindi Release


New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

Directed by Zaigham Imam (whose last venture Dosakh In Search Of Heaven (2015) got critical acclaim)New Releases February 1st week 2017 Previews

As the poster says it all, deals with a relevant topic which needs a lot of attention. Like in real life, How unfortunate such movies struggle to get even a handful of screens to broaden the message they preach.PVR hats off to you for supporting such cinema in their PVR Rare tag.Maybe the release date could have been summer holidays also should be shown in small towns and villages where it’s needed badly.

Cast- Ishaan Kaurav, Neelima Azeem (Real mother of Shahid Kapoor), Bhawna Pani.

Should you watch it

Of course, at least but sadly reality is no one will, even if not their in your city make sat least fill in to the movie halls recommend box nearby, so that don’t get waisted such Nobel tries.

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