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New releases 2nd week January 2017

New releases 2nd week January 2017
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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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New releases 2nd week January 2017

South is the flavor of the week, with Hindi not surprisingly being a Tamil Remake, Tamil superstar showcasing his talent, Two telugu politicians clashing with diverse stories  on silver screen which actually gave them glory and finally their is a Haraamkhor teacher . New releases 2nd week January 2017.


Why will Karnataka be far behind, in fact, they have gone international with DEEPIKA in the D.J. Caruso directed XXX.


New releases 2nd week January 2017
which is releasing one week ahead of USA, not because INDIA holds that much importance but because of PIRACY issues, so at least something comes well out of bad, I meant being a pirate is bad even if you like being Robin Hood but don’t spread the wealth of links as it hurts the cinema medium, but counter argument can be and quite valid majority don’t have access to world cinema so being a pirate is a necessity. All the pirates are from as far as seven seas, then why subcontinent is blamed especially when it comes to piracy which is beyond many.



New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time – 130 mins

BEN is back, yes the ARGO’s mastermind is now a GODMAN of crime.

Getting mixed reviews, though, hopefully, and there should be some moments which pump up your blood and give the adrenaline rush, forte of the director of the THE TOWN.


New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time – 2hrs 15minutes

Produced by Guneet Munga and Anurag Kashyap.

Directed by Shlok kumar (smooth sailing in his debut voyage)

Want to have some unadulterated fun at the expense of someonethen this is the movie for you.

Nawazudin is at his best,how he goes bonkers for a student and tortures her to test is what it’s all about.

Not to be missed if want to see dark side of those who bring light or were supposed to -TEACHERS


New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time – 2hrs 16mins

Director is supposed to be the captain of the ship, and here we have once again SHAAD ALI SEHGAL of  (BUNTY AND BUBLI and SAATHIYA) fame, but whose last two voyages sank without a trace( JHOOM BARABAR JHOOM and KILL DILL), hopefully dosent experience another mini TITANIC disaster collection wise.

Positives – Remake of Tamil hit by Maniratnam, who is in producer’s chair and Music by A.R rahman the dir-musician duo successfully making the cult HAMMA- HAMMA song of 1995 BOMBAY a chat buster once again, a rare cases as most remashed songs go doing the drain and kill dill of originals and thus no one wants to jhoom on them, but here it’s not the case.

What’s not going for is the pre release buzz and the too much of competition in the form of too many releases .

Look out for P C Sreeram’s camera work.

As the saying goes, want to live life in dreamworld then either born in it and if not lucky enough then stay in SOUTHERN PART OF INDIA


New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time – 2hrs 25mins

MEGA STAR (yes that’s what people in south refer there to screen idols as), CHIRANJEEVI after 9 years of hibernation, unlike all chooses winters to do some box office hunting because he is not a living thing, he is a demi GOD after all.

Does it matter who is directing or writing or producing at least for first few days, because no matter what is out their CHIRAU WILL TAKE CARE, is what his crores of die hard fans believe.

But for the info and give importance to the real deal the director is V. V. VINAYAK, story and written by A R MURUGADOSS, Budget 80 crores, produced by RAM CHARAN his own son .

Collections-Loose canons are flying around but 33 crores approx it earned on the auspicious PONGAL is believable.


New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time -2hrs 25mins

Another super star since ages BALAKRISHNA celebrates his a century in terms of releases. What’s commendable that these shinning stars from old school their aura never seems to diminish, that either they are so majestic or the blindness of their fans which soakes in their flaws.

But no matter what INCREDIBLE they are both the worshippers and their dreamworld superhuman stars and I can vouch out for that as have experienced with my stay first hand .

But truly another super hero in this venture based on the EMPEROR of SATAVAHNA EMPIRE is the director who was aptly named by his mother as KRISH because if he is to be believed the mega periodic movie was shot at a shoestring budget of 50 crore. WOW !  now that’s a budget on which maybe 10 percent of BAHUBALI must have been shot.

Collections – This too is roaring if reviews and 1st day worlwide collections are bang on.



New releases 2nd week January 2017

Running time -2hrs 49 mins

Starring tamil heartthrob VIJAY


Details of how it is and what’s it would be eventually achieving time will tell, but one thing is sure that for a couple of days Vijay Divas at the box office will be celebrated.



Running time – 115 mins

New releases 2nd week January 2017


PRIYANKA chopra has to be praised for not ignoring her roots,producing regional stuff and giving them a boost.

One of the biggest improvements that has been seen if Indian cinema is taken into account, then it’s PUNJAB FILM INDUSTRY, growing leaps and bounds, from the sarson ke khet to far and beyond.


With BEN AFFLECK at the helm GD team thinks that’s what you should watch if you are a neutral fan, otherwise spoilt for choices this week, it can’t get any diverse in terms of silver screen entertainment.


Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.