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NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.

NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.
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Shawn Kalon

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Shawn Kalon
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NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.

NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.

Chowkidaar Mein ZOR Hai?

NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.
Supreme Security Guard.

First things first;

We don’t want to blow our own trumpet but then we are inspired by our beloved Stylish Suave and Supreme PM’s motto, that the more the lesser we didn’t mean ‘Hawa Mein Baatein’ but ground reality and that’s what we achieved as in our last article GD had predicted that 300 plus and that’s what it was.
Congratulations to NDA for having their way, coming to power again and steamrolling whatever came in the way.

A very well unknown to most but known to those who matter wanted to give his point of view with total respect to all if anything is left out there that deserves respect.
According to that Modiji is back bigger better and bolder, who said worse? Digest his victory haters.

NDA Emerges as Star, Chowkidaar Ka Surgical War.
Lets Rock Your Boat?

Modi is a phenomenon, ok not all but 37 percent of people who voted for him definitely think so. But an increase of 6 percent from 2014 without talking of jobs, development, etc, not delivering is altogether a different question, deserves a salute to his team led by the most controversial yet peculiarly powerful Amit Shah.

Waah, Bhai Shah!

People who say Phulwama attacks helped NDA are so insensitive, and on top of it those who believe that Balakot + Ballots did the trick well the strikes have video games like clues and EVM, well they were not hacked period but replaced is altogether a different scenario?

Modiji’s idea of democracy is there be only one party as it helps in working for the people without any hindrance and rest should be history and its slowly but surely going to be a reality. Grow up the opposition, time to unite or lose the fight.

Surgical War
Deshwasi or Deshdrohi depends solely on me.

SABKA SATH SABKA VIKAS will now be given a greater push as on its own BJP has a complete majority. Who said minorities are not included in it, name yourself Vikas, Vikram, and Vilas and see how you get the benefits.
All this talk of that only 55 crores out of 136 crores voted well maybe they are happy satisfied and living life like king size.

Shit is Hit.

An uproar over our representation in parliament is having more criminals, thugs and rapists than before, that is discriminating as don’t these filths of society deserve another chance, so be it that’s why we all must be congratulated for giving our parliament so much shit.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.