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National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

National Awards
Shawn Kalon
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National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

While National Awards have been there since 1953, ‘CHAMCHAGIRI’ has co-existed since living things put the foot on mother earth and has been evolving with times, and made its MARK in every aspect of life.

INDIA is the only country that started this tradition of honoring states finest, though it supposedly had noble intentions, here everything is a direct reflection of the society in general, so it is not surprising to see the current state of its affairs. But what’s unfortunate is when those who created their baby are turning out to be the worst parents and doing nothing about it, and that’s unacceptable.National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

The flipside argument can be that way to create such a hola hoo about them when there are bigger and more serious problems directly affecting day to day problems.

Countering the above, if you can’t put your house in order, then how can you set an example. As it’s all about credibility, BOOND BOOND SE SAGAR BANTA HAI right? 

Agreed this year has raised the bar when it comes to honoring substandard performers and skills covering diverse aspects of filmmaking be it

Non-ActingNational Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?


Special defects National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

(Not that they were bad, in fact, they were quite Good, But BEING GOOD IS ENOUGH when there were some brilliant ones?National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?


National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

So on and so forth.

But who is to be blamed? Who is the murderer of Filmy Democracy?

Respect and Admiration are either Commanded or Demanded. It’s the latter which results in people doing JI HAZOORI forcibly or amicably or both in sync in some cases.

WHO DONE IT?National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

You don’t need to hire Sherlock, Karamchand, or Bakshi to find out, who flexed their muscles to make the Jury and some winners their Anmol Ratan’s be it PRIYAN, AKKI or DEVGAN or even SONAM.


There is a Hindi saying “APNE PAIR PE KULHADI MAARNA”, and what better example, the way these DESERVING (????) winners made it sound so ‘Shameless and Undeserving’. On a lighter note, those who scripted this should have realized who, the puppets are in terms of  IQ and whether they will be able to handle, tackle, and dribble what came their way.

SABKA SAATH SABKA VIKASNational Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

You don’t need to be Tesla or Einstein to invent the right path and guide one and all. There are enough Certified Bonafide Maharathis who will readily agree, it’s just that the creators have to show the will and not use Art for their political benefits as showcased, where it seemed

SABKA stands for a particular Religion,National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

SAATH for those who are StraightNational Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

and if you don’t fit that criteria Forget VIKAS.


SHYAM BENEGAL, NASEER, GOVIND NEHLANI, MANI RATNAM, GULZAR, etc. the names are endless and they are in that stage where they have the time to give their hundred percent for resurrection. Because the current jury head feels surviving for long in the industry is the criteria to win and doing different roles, by this logic Mithun Da deserves an award every year for surviving this long and doing major epic motion picture Gunda.

Also, the man who don’t respect the awards, reach out to them, try engaging, take their views and give them a voice and not make them feel Anti-national for pointing out your flaws because all said and done, the reality is ‘HE is the EMPEROR’ who has credibility, class and is more national with his actions than with majority reactions, just look at his engagement in ‘PAANI’ foundation.

But then if recommendations were taken seriously and not an eyewash, CENTRAL BOARD OF FILM CERTIFICATION would not be behaving like Government-certified agents and on a pleasing spree to the Highest Hierarchy.

So, till then let CHAMCHAGIRI flourish and those who despise or raise their voice crush them, Harass them so that either they shut up for good or play the sound your trumpet of HAMAARA SATH WARNA NO VIKAS”

WINNER’S DILEMMANational Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

One of them would definitely be feeling the pinch and sulking BACHE KE JAAN LOGE KYA, and can complain HUMKO TO DOTSON NE LOOTA, DUSHMNO KE KYA ZARORAT THE right MR PRIYADARSHAN


If they even care?

National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

And no talks only action (Do we mean Jumlas?)

National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

Can certainly make this a better nation but till then it’s the point of no return almost if solely it’s about awards.


COWS never felt so loved and shocked National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

If ANTI-ROMEO (Which itself is majorly flawed)

National Film Awards or Chamchagiri Rewards?

Squads can be created within a day and it’s praiseworthy if followed and implemented without discrimination? (Though one look at them and as if GUNDAY bane BANDEY), then why can’t other actions be crisp. Maybe it’s all about the Evil of majority problems ‘VOTES’)


We at GD want to make very clear to the readers, that though we highlighting the sorry state of AWARDS, we too are concerned with much bigger problems the World, in general, is facing and so, focusing upon a certain is just a start and we will be surely bringing to notice other issues as time goes by.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.