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Mobile World What’s in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.

Mobile World What's in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.
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Mobile World What’s in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.

MOBILE WORLD: Mobile phones are the most important part of the human day to day existence and assistance, in fact, it’s like oxygen to many. So what’s in store for 2018 is directly proportional to what was brought to the fore by the companies.

CAMERAMobile World What's in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.
If 2017 will be remembered for one thing more than other things is the leaps and bounds attained in this medium especially the most used aspect and practically a habit thy name is SELFIE which only increased as the year went by so much so that even an Autowala or Chailwala couldn’t resist it’s temptation as if it was your Adhaar for existence. Cashing in on the companies especially produced products with selfies as their focal walking point.
What was noteworthy that overemphasis on pixels was replaced by apertures especially for the techies though the common man is still oblivious and for them more the pixel better the clicks.
But all said and done CAMERAS truly went up notches higher with a plethora of modes being introduced of which PORTRAIT MODE and BEAUTY MODE were the shining armor giving highly satisfactory results and more are expected in this year but what’s the final destination is anyone’s guess till then savior whatever is at your palate.

DISPLAYMobile World What's in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.

Screens never looked so beautiful and eye-catching and with a revolutionary INFINITY DISPLAY being introduced by SAMSUNG and later even MICROMAX getting into the game showed not only in the high end but midrange too, it’s a must for companies to survive and stay.
What was debatable even this year was if 4K was truly needed on mobiles as many argued it was impossible to differentiate between a 2k and 4k with a naked eye. But to be frank gimmicks are if not most but one of the important ways to entice a customer and rest is history.
So what’s next after INFINITY or will it’s meaning will truly hold forth and it’s the end of the road for displays or maybe no because folding displays has been already making some noise too, it will be interesting to see who takes the plunge and be the 1st one to bring a phenomenal revolution till then enjoy watching movies, videos on INFINITY DISPLAY as it’s here to stay.


Mobile World What's in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.

This word has synonymous with HOLLYWOOD for so long but now has been incorporated in mobiles in a big way especially when it comes to CAMERAS and your day to day affairs. Though still in the initial stage whatever it is that is quite helpful if and only if the consumer is ready for it but in reality when it comes to mobiles most things still are liked to be manually operated.
But make no mistake AI is here to stay and it will be interesting how much more do the different mobile makers make it user-friendly in coming months.

BATTERYMobile World What's in Store? Ye Dil Maange More.

Still, work in progress but for how long only they know, who are they? They who either don’t want to put all the goodies unto one single box or want to keep you yearning for more juices and so slowly but steadily increase the doses and that’s what was evident in most of 2017 as most mah had slow and steady increase of 100 to 200 in most cases and when there was something extra like 5000 then sadly those beasts and nothing else make the buyer feel.
Finally, will 2018 will be a watershed for that perfect phone with big battery, infinity display and camera to kill is ???? till then DREAM ON.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.