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Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016

Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016
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Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016

Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016: If not Saturation point was anything then stagnancy is at the doorstep. Well yes, it’s almost the gospel truth, the most touched, watched loved and one which humanity can’t live without the MOBILE is in that phase.

A minor tweak here and little gimmick there that’s about as anything for the mobile producers to showcase.

Let’s go through some of the if not game changers but the shining armors in the not so great year.




At last, Google came up with its own 5.5 inches AMOLED SCREEN and not adopted babies and truly didn’t disappoints if debut performance is taken into consideration.

Ball rolling- From elite metal and glass design to rare android 7.1.1 it had it all including unlimited storage facility.

Usual suspects – 32 GB ROME,  4 GB RAM,Google assistant,snapdragon 821 processor.

STAND OUT- when your 12 megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front shots have better quality and quantity (unlimited storage )than others, that’s the phone for all ANDROID USERS and those who fed up and looking to switch from IOS due to its snail pace year after year developments.

Pocket friendly-Definitely not then all the best things come at a hefty price.


Mobile phones Rocked 2016

One company that truly set the eyeballs rolling and lines falling even before demonetization with their product.

They even used a DRONE to create excitement such was 1st time with relation to out of the box innovation. But what was commendable they delivered what they promised THE BEST FROM ALL FLAGSHIPS gelled into one like AMOLED screen, 1080 HD display, snapdragon 821 chipsets,16 MP rear and front camera,64/128 GB ROM,64 GB RAM,3400 non-removable battery at the price range of almost 30K.

One and only- TURBO CHARGING provider.

Should you buy- If your budget is not so high but want the best in your pocket to give run for their money and more to whosoever comes in competition then this-this your NEXT PHONE.

I PHONE 7S & 7

I PHONE 7S & 7

Many yes still many will crib what about iPhone 7S it’s like are you allergic to IOS or paid by opponents, well no that’s not the case APPLE is still a very important part of a healthy diet oops sorry I meant TECHNOLOGY WORLD, it’s just that once you taste an apple you will swear by it no matter how much it disappoints concerning just minor tweaks and nothing substantial off late like the giving away the 3 mm jack

I PHONE 7S & 7

Those who didn’t know iPhone 7s are water-resistant, OK  something is happening don’t get it wrong but in reality, we expect APPLE to be the one to show everyone the way, but all is not lost we still have hope the EMPEROR WILL STRIKE BACK.

LG makes a comeback

LG V20Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016


LG has everything a trusted brand should have, the best after-sale service, but somewhat  it just doesn’t cut through the competition, maybe this time it’s finally caught the eye of the buyers as this V20 in addition to on par with other flagships has a fantastic offering as in DUAL SCREEN

Mobile Phones that Rocked 2016

which makes the application handling smooth and pleasing besides MILITARY GRADE  SHOCKPROOF BODY and REMOVABLE BATTERY which is a rarity thus making it a front runner in 2017 since it released late 2016 so has time to flourish.


SAMSUNG 7 EDGEMobile Phones that Rocked 2016

You can’t ignore them can you even after the NOTE 7 fiasco which gave ammunition companies complex, Samsung still gave the world a great product which though released early 2016 but remains in preference when looking for a great phone.



Let’s be very clear if someones think that mid-range phones have the same to offer as the high range then they will be disappointed, to say the least, because though the difference has reduced it’s more to do with high-end flagships not going great guns but the difference is still quite evident.

The biggest jump has been in the under 20K range if the quality is the benchmark and some of those who have made the mark –

LeEco le Max 2LeEco le Max 2

At a price point of 18K the consumer is showered with 5.7 inch IPS QUAD HD display,1440×2560 pixels density, 3100 mah nonremovable battery, octagonal core Snapdragon 820  processor, 32 GB ROM, and incredibly 4 GB RAM I what more can you wish.

But if wishing more than the makers are in SANTA mode and here are the goodies –

Free online content for a year, Audio via type -c and the rare innovative jump by Apple which others were bound to follow -No 3.5 mm jack just like the big daddy of all APPLE, some may be skeptical if it’s as good as them but trust us it’s not far behind.

Hotshots -21 megapixel rear and 8-megapixel front are vibrant and as good as it gets in this group.

If the total package is what one is looking for then this is the leader under this price range.

Others which are not far behind the difference is minimal so depends on preferences and some of the other good ones are –



Marketing and After-sales service -This should have been THIS IS IT  had it not been the unknown brand popularity when compared to its peers.

At the price point of 17K if besides the usual suspects of great screen ROM and RAM and fine clicks if the box contains JBL headphones with speakers, BOOM key feature, and VR Headset it’s a catch for music and movie lovers.ALCATEL VR Set

Others which can be considered, it all depends on choices

and brands one prefers.

Moto G4 play

Honor 5c

Samsung J7 prime

Vivo V5 


Here the clear winner was

XIAOMI Redmi 3S primeXIAMOI Redmi 3S prime

It’s got what can be expected in such a category nothing extraordinary but value for money.

Moto E3 power

Coolpad note 3 plus

LeEco 1S

Leno of k6 power

are some of the players which are making a mark in this price range.

2017 hopefully will be a watershed year at least in terms of truly where no mobile company has ever gone before not in terms of gimmicks but day to day usage.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.