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Mobile Phone SIM Card Seized from Arrested ISI Agents by Kolkata Police

Anurav Dhwaj
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KOLKATA:  The Special Task Force (STF) of Kolkata Police has seized mobile phone sim card which, it believes, was used by the three arrested suspected ISI agents to pass on information to the agency of Pakistan.

“They passed on information electronically and also through other means which could be manual. There can be others involved who acted as messengers,” a senior STF officer said.

As Irshad Ansari’s educational qualification and proficiency in understanding technical things were not up to the mark, his son Asfaq Ansari helped him in this, the officer said.

In fact, Asfaq’s passport details showed that he had been to Bangladesh twice in the recent past, he said.

“But the exact purpose of his visit is still unknown… We are looking into it,” he added.

According to another STF officer dealing with the case, Asfaq met Iqbal, his father’s elder brother in Dhaka during his visits there.

“Whether the meeting was to pass on the information or to get some trainings was still not known,” he said.

Irshad’s family, hailing from Bihar, consists of five brothers and sisters, the STF officer said.

“His elder sister got married in then then East Pakistan and after the partition of Pakistan and Bangladesh, she and her in-laws went to Karachi and settled there after 1971. In 1976 Irshad’s elder brother Iqbal went to Pakistan, got married and settled there followed by his another brother Irfan who also started his own business there,” said the officer.

Irshad went to Pakistan in 1985 to visit them and stayed there for about three months, the Kolkata Police STF officer said.

“After that Irshad went to Pakistan in 2005 and that was when he was picked up by Pakistani agency to work for them as informer,” he said.

Anurav Dhwaj
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