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As long as I can narrate the stories I want to, I don’t feel that genres matter Says Author Devanshi Sharma.

Devanshi Sharma
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Devanshi Sharma is a twenty-one-year-old dreamer from the city of food, Indore. An alumnus of Miranda House, Delhi University, Devanshi has always been a chatterbox. She enjoys talking and that has won her many debates. No matter what I do: I End up Falling for you, is her second novel for which she is getting some very favorable reviews from the readers and critics, we talked to her last week and here is the highlight from that conversation.

Q. How is the response of your latest novel No Matter What I Do: I end up Falling for you?

Ans: Before mentioning of the response, I would mention that No Matter What I Do has never been just a book; it has enhanced my perspective to look at life. It’s a journey for me. And when readers read and give a lovely response to the novel, it is a feeling worth cherishing. The response, by God’s grace has been great and I am hoping that it continues further.

Q. We found that it has garnered great reviews on Amazon and from the critics, are you satisfied with it?

Ans: As a person, I am very ambitious. Whenever there is an achievement, I enjoy it and respect it from the bottom of my heart, but the next day, I have another aim that I set for myself. As you mentioned that the reviews are great and that gives me endless satisfaction. At the same time, I try to take as many improvement points that I can, whenever possible so that the next work comes out even better.

Q. Tell us something about your life and journey to be an author, how it feels now?

Ans: If I had to tell you something about my life, then I describe my life by three things- my parents, my family and my writing.

Writing, I believe is the only thing I know. As a person, I am a workaholic and apparently, that’s all I can think, talk and discuss about, so my life revolves around it.

You know, I’ll share a recent incident when a friend asked me if I could discuss anything apart from writing and my book. I tried my best to get an answer, but at the end, I was left with my writing.

As for my journey,

My journey wouldn’t have even started if I didn’t have my parents support and their guidance. I would say that I write because I am supported by my family.

As an author, it has been a self-questioning, self-finding journey where while creating characters, I end up creating perspectives. A dear friend of mine told me that perhaps, writing is the purpose of my life. She was absolutely right, I would say!

Q. What is your quest as an author? Where you want to see yourself in10 years from now?
Ans: That’s an interesting question. Quest as an author is to peacefully survive the moments when you have a story, your characters, time and all favorable situations, yet you can’t write. Yes, there are such moments which are frustrating, but I learnt that keeping calm and positive is the solution to that quest.

In the next ten years, I see myself narrating stories, perhaps experimenting in mythology and entrepreneurship books. I just want to write ad infinitum.

Q. Do you see the improvement in you as a writer when you compare your first book Unimaginably true with the latest one?

Ans: Of course. As I said, writing helps you improve not only as a writer but also as a person. And I have seen and realized that I have come a long way from Unimaginably True to No Matter What I Do and also, there is still a long way to go.

Q. As an author in which genre you want to continue writing and why?

Ans: As long as I can narrate the stories I want to, I don’t feel that genres matter. Stories should be as free as we are!
As long as I can narrate the stories I want to, I don’t feel that genres matter Says Author Devanshi Sharma.
Q. Is finding a publisher was a challenge? How is your experience of working with V & S Books and now with Srishti?

Ans: Writing a novel is a two step process, each attached with its challenges. First step is to write. The second is to publish. Certainly, publishing required endless efforts and time. But, at the end when you see your novel, you feel the story and when you find people reading it, trust me all those sleepless nights are worth it!
My experience working with both publishers have been great, touch wood! And presently, Arup is one person who is supportive and humble! I would, in fact say that the team at Srishti has been of constant support throughout!

Q. The character of your new novel which is closest to your heart and why?

Ans: Amaira. She is my favorite and I can endlessly talk about her. While I was writing a chapter about Amaira and I wanted her to run down an escalator in an opposite direction. She did that in the story. And the next, I found myself doing the same. That is the influence that girl can have.

She is carefree, careless and caring—all at the same time. I just love her for that. I introduce her as Salt in Tea. Because everyone adds sugar to tea, like we add stereotypes in the society, because that is how it has always been. The challenge is to be salt in a society of stereotypes and reverse them.

Q. What else you are doing apart from writing these days?
Ans: As I mentioned, I don’t think I can do anything better than writing. Yes, when I am not writing, I am found chatting with my grandparents and parents! That’s the little world I live in. (Wink)

Q. Who are your favorite writers and also tell us about your favorite books?

Ans: Manju Kapur and her expertise in creating gray characters is something I am fond of, Ruskin Bond and his description of the hills, RK Narayan and his simplicity. My favorite books include Custody by Manju Kapur and The test of My life, which is an inspiring autobiography on Yuvraj Singh’s life.

I love Shakespeare, and his art of playwriting.

Q. Who or what is your inspiration to write?

Ans: Stories. If I have a story that I trust I should narrate, then I believe in sharing it! So, yes… Stories!
As long as I can narrate the stories I want to, I don’t feel that genres matter Says Author Devanshi Sharma.
Q. Any message from you for your readers and the budding writers?

Ans: Of course, Readers are my best friends. You know why? Because readers complete a writer. Also, alike best friends, readers are honest and tell you what they like or dislike in your work, which leaves a scope for improvement.
My message for them is to keep reading and keep chasing all your dreams.

As for budding writers, the only message is to trust your story and keep writing. You’ll face hurdles, but remember, No Matter What just never give up on your story! Love it endlessly and unconditionally! On that note, Keep Writing!

*I would just want to add one thing for Gyan Darbar here. I am glad that you guys are taking up the initiative to promote reading and writing both. I wish you all the best for the efforts and your journey. I just wanted to tell you that you all at GyanDarbar are doing a brilliant job! Keep that going!

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