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LIONEL  MESSI  retires – messiah of clubs, messy in WORLD cups


Full name – Lionel Andres Messi Born – 24th June 1987 (rosario, Argentina)

Height – 170m (5 ft 7inches) 

Playing position – Forward

Jersey no 10

Lineage -Argentine and Spanish but finally decided to represent the former.


If you had gone through my last article about Copa America 2016, in the end TO BE CONTINUED I had written, we’ll never imagined what I was writing somewhere someone who has world at its feet  was also dwelling upon. Maybe he needs to have a chat or look at Sachin Tendulkar for inspiration and rejuvenation, as everytime  he went into bat more than a billion expected  him to Crack the code and carry India on this shoulders, weather he was successful is beside the point but at least  he dint give up and continued till he at last won the world Cup. 

Leonel Andre’s Messi  RETIRES –

I Am not here to criticise A club football LEGEND, don’t get me wrong he achieved more than what many don’t even dream but it’s the country which he is representing he could never do justice atleast on the football field and that am sure he to believes that’s  why such a decision,no I don’t mean mine writing,  but his retirement.

World is going crazy Football world in general and since it’s the greatest game if not the most beautiful game as it was before, so it’s reach and breaching people’s heart and soul has not been done by any other team sport.

Reality bites-

Messi the masiah or Messy – when it it counted most.

Latest example of Lionel  creating a total mess when his country was counting on him most was last night when the penalty he too took a flight but in the most unimaginable way for all his County peepsMessi, thus  once again he failing to shine at the world stage.

People may argue that football is a team sport and why blame Messi alone, we’ll they may be right but ask  PELE and MARADONAMessi or their teamates or the opposition they played and everything will be clear, it’s a spark or a moment of genius they created when it mattered most and made them darling of the world and nation’s toast here where many a so called club greats have badly failed and unfortunately Messi  has been added to that list of almost greats  but not legends like MARADONA  and PELE.

At the club level though nothing to take away from Leonel or any other performers achievementsMessi, but when you have the best of the combination at your pedestal scoring goals becomes easier than at the National level when you may be the only Knight in the shining armour, who everyone in team looks to Carry them forward. Here is when boys get separated from men, greats get separated from legends . At Barcelona Messi has Inesta’s  Pique’s etc the cream at his disposal to create a pass an opening and thus they work as a well oiled machine, but at National level maybe  Messi can’t do it all alone as his famous countrymen pocket dynamite Maradona used to do, if need to check just go and watch YouTube to tune your memories and his legendary moments when single handedly he took Argentina to top 1986 Mexico world Cup it was, so did Pele in 1966 when he guided  BRAZIL on top. Messi

OK he has captained his country to  3 finals in last 3 world events, world Cup 2014,copa 2015 and 2016.Thats commendable but not when your name is  Messi  as in all three defining moments he has been total lackluster missed the easiest of sitters Messiand thus gave his countrymen the jitters and final result nothing short of disaster.

Maybe Maradona and PELE no a thing or more than what we mortals can’t think, that as came out of their latest discussion through  which it came out that they thought Leonel was a great run scoring machine especially at the club level but dint have the charisma or lacked the zing to intimidate the opposition, it’s one thing to create a fear with your presence and actually to be their. After the Copa America 2016 finals Leonel teamate and his close friend Sergio said it was the worst dressing room atmosphere he has ever played, stamps the point maybe Messi don’t have the stronghold and the respectful – fear to make his team follow him.

Club football’s has grown leaps and bounds both in terms of reach and monetary gains, so it’s not surprising that players 1st preference is club over country. It’s what lpl and other T20 cricket leagues have also created many a such situation and as time goes by its only going to get more prominent. But hopefully world Cup still remains the crowning glory for every aspiring and current footballer. This has even been a problem which has led to many people being critical of  their superstars not performing for their country as well as they do for their clubs Messi maybe that’s why always has been secondary when comparison with MARADONA comes , even Ronaldo is sailing in the same boat. Messi

Finally I will again put emphasis on the fact hat this is not a criticism of someone, it’s just that maybe it’s a realisation and hopefully it makes the concerned to give it one more try at the biggest stage of them all and resurrect what’s been damaged and it’s not that it can’t be improved if not corrected but for that you don’t run away, you take a break and then fight back hopefully LIONEL ANDRE’S MESSI  comes back at the world level where it matters most.

Achievements and awards –

World Trophies – Fifa world youth championship 2005. Youngest player to represent Argentina and 6th youngest scorer of ye world Cup.

Olympic gold – 2008 Olympics.

Club Trophies – LA Liga, champions league, Copa del ray, Uefa super cup

Individual awards – European golden shoe, Ballon d’Or, Olympics gold.

Will not write how many goals he scored as I am sure he will be back and show his might and will overcome his finals fright. No one wants a champion to have his final memories to be looking like MessiMessi

It’s a temporary goodbye hopefully Messi



Time taken to finish the article – 55miniutes

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