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Let’s change the notion that authors are boring and colorless says Author Agam Anand who is ready with his next novel.

Let's change the notion that authors are boring and colorless says Author Agam Anand who is ready with his next novel.
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Let’s change the notion that authors are boring and colorless says Author Agam Anand who is ready with his next novel.

I was on the tour of Patna, Bihar and in that course met the young novelist Agam Anand who wrote the first homegrown English contemporary fiction of Bihar ‘A Non Entity’, all the talents involved in this novel are from Bihar and it is no less than an achievement.

All the success he got for his novel in the last 10 months has not changed the author even an inch. He treats everyone equally and gives every individual respect, in fact, I was staying at a hotel called Gargee Grand in Patna and when I called him to meet for an interview, instead of telling me to come to his home or office he asked where I was staying and came himself to meet me. So down to earth he is and lives a simple life.

When he came to meet me, unlike the image of authors we have in our minds, he was in denim jeans, biker boots and a casual T-shirt which had ‘Andaz Apna Apna’ character toons over it. He is witty, shared a few jokes with me. When I told that I wasn’t expecting him to be funny and casual as authors are usually not, he quickly answered to it, “Then let’s change the notion we have about authors that they are boring and not colorful”.

I had some lovely time chatting with him, here’s the highlight of the conversation which happened between us.

Q. Its been a long time now since your novel saw the release, Ten months to be precise. So, What’s next after ‘A Non-Entity’?

I’ll use this interview as a tool to announce that finally, I have completed the manuscript of my second novel, (Smiles) tentatively titled ‘The Grand Illusion’. It took me 8 months to write and I have developed a relationship with the characters of the novel. Very happy that the story is over but at the same time sad also because I won’t be writing more about those characters as all of them have become a major part of my life in the last 250 days.

Q. The title is impressive, it excites me. What it’s all about?

I’ll be honest with you, After the release of ‘A Non-Entity’ I started working on a different story which was a romantic comedy but within a few days, I found myself uninterested in the subject. The topic of Grand illusion always intrigued me since my childhood but again its a very tricky subject to write in the mainstream entertaining fiction genre. Thankfully, don’t know how but finally I cracked the script and wrote it in 250 days and I went completely immersed in the story and its characters.
‘The Grand Illusion’ is the story of a woman’s quest for someone and in that process, she finds something very important, which nobody has ever thought of finding. Again its a very entertaining one and I hope readers will love it.

Agam Anand

Q. So when can we read the novel? What’s the release date?

See I have just completed writing on 31st July, it’ll take another 30-40 days to do the internal editing along with the creative modification process which I’ll do with Richa Singh. Then in mid-September, the pre-production will begin, so I think it’ll release somewhere between the last week of October and last week of December or maybe next year but it is totally the call of my publishers they’ll officially announce it and you’ll get to know about the exact release date very soon.

Q. Are you repeating the publishers again?

I don’t know maybe this time around I will come up with a new publisher, talks are on with some of the biggest in the country but I won’t name which one, let them officially announce about it, that’ll be more professional.

Q. So tell me what is your Quest as an author?

My Quest? Actually, I would like to see myself as the most loved author of the country one day but I know it is not easy and I have to do a lot of hard work for that. I have just started and the best thing about me is that I know my weakness (Smiles), I am not a genius or a scholar. I am just a storyteller, want to tell different stories to the readers, need to improve with every other novel and reach the goal which I dream of. I have got great people around me, be it my mother, My sisters Richa and Priya, My best friend Nidhi, My Friends, and team members Anurav and Shyamakant, above all my readers. They’ll definitely make me the most loved storyteller one day.

Q. Superb, by the way, what else apart from writing novels? You review films on this very website, do you dream big as a film critic too?

I enjoy writing reviews basically I am doing things which I really love. Be it writing novels or writing movie reviews. But yes I don’t dream much as a film critic, Gyandarbar gave me an opportunity to write and I pounced on it nothing more than that, though I dream of doing Stand-up comedy shows, writing script and screenplay of movies someday, want to work with Aamir Khan also (Chuckles) apart from writing novels. See you got to dream big along with the required actions to be big and that’s what I do.

Q. You have a very nice positivity in you and I am sure you’ll fulfill all your dreams one day, looking forward to reading your next novel and all the best for your future endeavors, glad to have a chat with you Agam.

Thanks, means a lot. It was a pleasure talking to you.

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