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Jai gangajal

Shawn Kalon
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Jai gangajal –Screenshot_2016-03-05-11-15-56

Final verdict –

Release date – March 4th 2016

Directed and Produced by PRAKASH JHAScreenshot_2016-03-05-11-17-31


Priyanka Chopra as SP Abha Mathur

Prakash Jha as Bhole Nath Singh

Manav Kaul as Babloo Pandey

Murli Sharma as Munna Mardani

Rahul Bhatt

Ninad Kamat

Kiran karmakar

Music – Salim Suleman

Cinematography – Sachin krishn

Editor – Santosh Mandal

Just a thought –

What dose Jai gangajal prove?

Well it clearly states that no matter how much you feel and what to show  that how big you have made it (internationally), it may not interest people domestically.

It’s a interesting  scenario, Priyanka Chopra has done well overseas through her action packed TV avatar but her latest release has found no takers in multiplexes who relate to her international status,on the other hand single Screens have shown a positive trend from day one from moviegoers who may not be even knowing of her foreign success and don’t care a damn.

Actually it’s a catch 22 situation, maybe if she had done a urban centric project,dissection would have shown true reflection, hopefully her next Hindi release will clears Many doubts.

Jai gangajal had a descent 2 weeks run, and did well in some regions than other especially in Central india where tax free status did the trick and it was a hit. Overall it’s average for the people concerned, major collections came from single screen as multiplexes dint  get the anticipated returns.

Positive – Budget  27 crore

Was controlled recovering would never be a problem.

Negative – 2600 screens release

Biggest of the year but still dint have the gains, it should have as reach was maximum.

Makers potraid as if  its a sequel to the 2003 classic GANGAJAL ,good for them.Screenshot_2016-03-05-10-07-37

TOTAL critics average rating – 2.33 /5 below average.

Imdb – 6.3/10

Rotten tomatoes – 25%

Both critically and commercially it was no match to the Ajay Devgan starrer.

Some may argue that, subject was outdated when it came to youngistaan, so couldn’t make its pechaan, especially in multiplexes, but reality is a good subject no matter what it may be, if promoted well and made with passion seldom fail to click.

Strengths- Direction and performances

Weakness – Screenplay and songs

Collections –

1st day collections – 5.50 crore approx (4th highest opening of the year at that time) 

1st weekend collections – 19.25 crore approx

Day 4 collections 3.10 crore approx

1st week collections – 28 crore approx

Day 8 collections 1.10 crore approx


Overseas collections – 2crore approx

Makers here missed the trick, may be because Priyanka was busy with her prior commitments, but not once did we hear from her about her policewoman inactment, it would have definitely made a impact, but that’s the way it goes strange are the way people flow.

Final say – Average overall

Hit – Central india

Grand illusion – Two youths who were found hanging from a tree on March 19th (jharkand) , police gave a statement it felt like the situation was inspired from Jai gangajal movie. How pathetic, do your job repeated policemen otherwise don’t grudge if called ‘Thullas’.

(Time taken to publish the article – 40 minutes)

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