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Jai Gangaajal : Film Review

Jai Gangaajal
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Review of: Jai Gangaajal

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On 06/03/2016
Last modified:08/08/2016


Prakash Jha wanted to fulfill his wild wish to be an actor is the biggest reason why he made Jai Gangaajal and smartly played the marketing gimmick that he has made a film on Abha Mathur played by the very popular Priyanka Chopra, Female SP of a troubled District. As per the trailers and posters, it looks a film of Priyanka Chopra but the reality is something else, Prakash Jha is the hero and she is the supporting actor in the film. Jha has the best lines and scenes of the film and being Director, writer and screenplay executer I thought was bound to happen. He used the name of ‘Gangaajal’, one of his finest films till date and Priyanka Chopra to give himself a perfect Launch. Neither the film is as politically nuanced like his own ‘Daamul’ nor its as evoking as ‘Gangaajal’. We have seen this kind of films 101 times in the past. In the second half, Chopra dissapears from most of the drama only to come in the end and pack some punches. Priyanka wore black Phathan suits, Black Shades, did some very good action scenes. No doubt her screen presence is effective, her performance is also earnest even though she furnished her lips with red lipstick in some action sequences too but her lipstick ‘Maaf’.
Her character is not developed also, this may be the reason why she looked uninterested and completed the film in a hurry (She herself mentioned it in an interview) without going in the depth of the role. Despite that she leaves a mark. Jha is good in acting department, he’ll get your claps as B.N Singh, though his voice resembles Nana Patekar and even his antics too. His direction, Screenplay and script are not up to the mark. We need something fresh but the entire plot n screenplay is predictable. Songs in the 1st half can annoy many. Editing of Santosh Mandal is good, cinematography of Sachin Krishn is true to the flavour of the film. Art direction is just about good. Manav Kaul is a superb actor and he shines as Bablu Pandey, the baddie in the film. Ninad Kamat as Dablu Pandey is superb too. All in all its a one time watch, and even you can miss it. Priyanka Chopra fans can go and have a glimpse of her talent but dont expect a ‘7 Khoon Maaf’ from it. 2 stars out of 5. After Sunny Deol’s Ghayal Once Again, this is another out dated stuff. We really deserve something better isn’t it.

Agam Anand
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