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International Amazon Kindle version of ‘A Non Entity’ is out Now!

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First English Contemporary Fiction Author of Bihar, Agam Anand unveiled the International digital version of his novel ‘A Non Entity’ in front of the media with his team by showing the Mobile phones and Tablets at Hotel Gargee Grand on Sunday 25th October.

The novel is the story of a boy, Rajat Verma who ultimately discovers the reason of his existence with the help of films, cricket and the events that took place in his own life in the last 12 years and he also proved that why almost everyone on this earth is a non-entity. It is a fast, entertaining and enriching story about Love, philosophy, and comedy of human life, Unlike romantic popcorn novels which are in the markets these days, this book talks about finding the real self of a person and makes you think about yourself and the society as a whole as it shatters the cliches of ‘So called’ Indian traditional society and its rules through the story. It tells us to throw the cowards in us. The novel also glorifies Bihar and more importantly Patna.

International Amazon Kindle version of ‘A Non Entity’ is out Now!

This is a rare feat for an author of Bihar to make his very 1st novel available across the world using the digital platform so effectively. The E-book of the novel is now available on Amazon Kindle digital platform in India, USA, UK and 10 other major countries Such as Japan, Mexico, Australia, France, Germany, Italy, Canada etc.Now people across the globe can download the novel on their mobile phones or tablets to read it with the help of amazon Kindle app. It is already making a lot of buzz online as it got the nationwide release through on 10th October 2015 and it is selling like hot cakes since its release, the Handbooks are available on,, and in the leading bookstores of the country.

The novel ‘A Non Entity’ is published by Leading publication house of Bihar, Janaki Prakashan. Agam gave credit to his entire team for making the dream possible. He is proud of his technical head Anurav Dhwaj for the immense support he provided, Promoter Shyamakant Ojha and editor Richa Singh. He is very confident that the novel will be very popular overseas, all thanks to Kindle. This book is specially meant for youngsters of the country and it will prove to be very inspiring for them. Going by the initial response of the book we can easily guess that it will garner a lot of praise for Bihar Nationally and now Internationally too.  This is a big feather in the author’s cap in the very first attempt.

Anurav Dhwaj
Anurav Dhwaj is Currently working in OKBABBY. He has expertise in Web Designing and is a certificate holder from Google in Analysis of websites, He is a young Entrepreneur.

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