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Honor 6X Review

Honor 6X Review
Shawn Kalon
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HONOR 6X ReviewHonor 6X Review

The Tagline: “FOR THE BRAVE” by HUAWEI

Hopefully, it doesn’t mean you need to be brave to own it, already many have turned pussy cats after the NOTE 7 fiasco, don’t believe ask the AIRLINE companies.

Here comes the Huawei’s answer to all the midrange and hi-range flagships is how they are projecting this as they say it has all that it takes and has the X factor REALLY????


Point to be noted your HONOR, it’s got everything agreed like

Design – Stylish Metal with a curvy back.

Processor – Kiran655

RAM – 3GB and 4GB versions.

Battery – 3340 MAH (though could have been higher)

Fast charging – Beneficial

Fingerprint sensor – Is quite apt

Honor 6X Review

Display – 5.5 inch IPS bright and sharpHonor 6X Review

But that’s a standard in most phones these days, so what’s new or one to give opposition’s nightmare?

CAMERA – DUAL rear cameraHonor 6X Review  Is what the company says is the differentiator, 12MP in addition 2 MP for depth with HD videos, .Ok fair enough.Honor 6X Review
But does it really cover all the drawbacks which most under 20K phones have in terms of low light pictures which is a major issue. The answer is ALMOST but then almost is never YES or Exactly, Honor 6X Reviewotherwise for the price of Honda city everyone will get a MERCEDES isn’t it ‘Your Honor’.

Your Honor further the phone also doesn’t have a facility of WiFi AC for smooth fast connectivity nor it has USB type c,

Two things which could have raised its stocks in terms of YES IT HAS what it takes.

A HYBRID slot on top of it is a big downer.

Maybe we are asking too much at such a price point but when companies and reviews put low or mid range types on the same pedestal of high range flagships and expect us to believe it then your Honour isn’t it wrong, PAID Media the biggest evil.

Should the public buy it

JUDGES verdict – Definitely if someone has a budget of less than 15k and is looking for a decent product if I may say. But if you expect it to be top notch then it’s like DHARMA PRODUCTIONS giving quality and satisfaction like an AAMIR KHAN PRODUCTIONS well that only dreams are made of at starting price of 12,999K. 

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