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Great Grand Masti 2nd day collections

Great Grand Masti 2nd day collections
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– When a movie is snubbed by censor board,wants 89 cuts before it gets to see light of the day, for creating a buzz that’s enough. 

Should you watch it-

YES you already have in your mobile, tablet or laptop.

Condition –

Critical at the box office 

Chances –

It’s brain dead

Reason –

When a sex comedy or anything which is related to SEX and in and around antics, gets leaked that too in a pretty good print, it’s chances of doing even average on big screen are doomed so say the least. 

Loss –

Big time. Those who will say that oh it was crap, we’ll you saw and judged, but without any expenses, what do you except.

Reality –

After the century the previous part achieved, this definitely was expected to  be average at least, and yes personally had experienced excitement among people who I talked right before it’s release. 

Earning of two days –

chuck it, it’s not getting what it deserves so why mention. Mind you budget was 32 crore and that’s not much.

Responsibility –

OK it’s no class cinema in fact nowhere near good cinema but then so wasn’t Masti and Grand Masti.

Government, censor board all are collectively killing the industry.



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