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Review: GIONEE A1


Review: GIONEE A1

Let’s get straight to the point which the Gionee company has been stressing, bombarding and drilling in customers brains and hopefully reaching the heart.


Review: GIONEE A1

Does it make you experience Selfiestan like never before?

Review: GIONEE A1

Yes, it does give you a very very satisfactory projection, and fully justifies its one of the two tags.

Review: GIONEE A1


Review: GIONEE A1

Now to be very frank, there are much bigger battery phones in the market, but maybe not having the same camera specs so if that’s the only criteria to judge the second tag then yes it’s living up to it too.


So, yes it passed the test with almost flying colours. See, for what it was being projected, it is giving you and is satisfying your both the urges (ok now the other secret urge, well that the company can create by starting a contest to meet her, Alia Bhatt I am talking about), but for that you need to purchase it right.


REAR CAMERA – 13MP doesn’t lag and infact refreshing to see that its not been given the step sister treatment as it happens in many cases.Review: GIONEE A1

Night clicks are not washed out and is slick.

Review: GIONEE A1

DISPLAY – 5.5 inch FULL HD DISPLAY, it is clear and crisp.

Review: GIONEE A1

If it had been 6 inch then would have been almost a perfect phone, then nothing is perfect in this world and you can’t get everything under the same roof.

PROCESSOR – Octa-core media tek is always ready to perform.

RAM of 4 GB and 64 GB internal memory and further jump of 128 GB with Micro SD card makes it a powerhouse to take whatever is inserted.Review: GIONEE A1

Android 7.0 out of the box with amigo OS 4.0 do not make it clustered and thus the experience is smooth.


A Bummer in terms of seen it before but in the end we all cover our body right? Unless we are SALMAN who has nothing to highlight except? (With so many accessories in the market, body doesn’t really matter much). But here, there are at least two very strong parts which makes it a winner all the way, so go and buy what say.

MADE IN INDIA: Mobile phones are seeing a 15% annual surge with make in India ones taking the charge what with, out of every 5 companies 4 are from hindustan.


Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.