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Ghayal Once Again : Film Review

Ghayal Once Again Ghayal-Returns movie review 2016
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On 10/02/2016
Last modified:01/09/2016


Ghayal Once Again : Film Review

Ghayal Once Again, But why?
I really want to ask Sunny Deol why the hell he waited for 26 years for the sequel of Ghayal and even if he made it, why the freaking hell the sequel is so outdated and dumb.
From the outset, we know the hero is literally immortal even four bullets can’t kill him and he will do what he wants to.
See I want to be very clear in my review, and straight away I’ll say it’s an unrequired film. Sunny Deol used the name of his 90s cult film to get success in his lowest phase of career. There’s no doubt that his performance is superb, he seems to pick Ajay Mehra’s character from where he left in the classic Ghayal but he is let down by ordinary dialogues and bad script written by him only. The 5 minutes footage of the old Ghayal used at the start gives you goosebumps while the entire new film is boring after that. Remember how after the grand cult success of Ghayal in 1990 made Sunny Deol to stuck in that hard-hitting action hero mode, he repeated him in every other movie (Except few like Damini, Darr) but his films still worked then. I think Ghayal once again came very late, he should have made it in the 90s, even with the same script it would have been a hit. Though Deol’s direction is lavish but yet again screenplay and editing put it down.
Ghayal Once Again movie 2016
The cinematography is good in parts, but there’s no point in talking all this as the story is of dinosaur age of Bollywood films and even it has many similarities with Akshay Kumar starter Gabbar which itself was a remake. Anyways apart from Sunny Deol’s performance, Narendra Jha also Acted well. Unlike Balwant Rai of the old Ghayal, his actions are evil but he is not. The four youngsters tried their best but everything looks fabricated and made me feel deja vu.
Action scenes are nicely executed but long and unable to engage, overall it’s a film you can easily avoid. Watch only if you are a Sunny Deol fan. 2 stars for Sunny Deol’s earnest performance and direction but I beg to him for not making any more this kind of stuff. Hope to see his Mohalla Assi soon on big screen.

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