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GD Editor Previews Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan’s First Collaboration, Jab Harry Met Sejal.

GD Editor Previews Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan's First Collaboration, Jab Harry Met Sejal.
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GD Editor Previews Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan’s First Collaboration, Jab Harry Met Sejal.

Jab Harry Met Sejal is all set to hit the theaters this Friday, the movie marks the first collaboration between director Imtiaz Ali and Superstar Shah Rukh Khan which also stars Anushka Sharma in the lead with Khan. Many feel that Imtiaz is the best Helmer of romantic films in the current era, so the GD team decided to preview it by asking the questions from our editor.

Q.1) How are you? So we do it again like it was before Dangal, this time it’s another Maverick Imtiaz Ali, are you excited will be an understatement, right?
GD Editor: I am super fine as usual and yes it is always good to preview a film before the release and especially when someone like you asks questions related to it. Yes, I am very excited to see what Imtiaz has done with Shah Rukh Khan as you know I am a great admirer of the director’s work. Most of his films moved me big time and I personally feel nobody can project love stories better than him at present in Indian cinema. What I like the most about him is his specialty to merge an unknown kind of spiritual philosophy in the love stories which makes his films soul touching and relatable.
Q.2) Those who don’t know, you have interacted personally with Imtiaz in the past so whatever comes will be out of the experience and as they say from horse’s mouth itself. As you have mentioned many times, it’s that part of the year when the author in you gets doubly excited because as a person Ali has inspired you a lot in the way your creativity has evolved and his movies are festivals for you, right?
GD Editor with Imtiaz Ali
GD Editor Agam Anand with Imtiaz Ali.
GD Editor: Yes, I, fortunately, met him a couple of years back at the time of Tamasha’s release, and in that brief meeting I found him so down to earth and full of respect towards others. From his face only you can say he is so good at heart and that connection is always there in all his films. I love his story telling, the purity in his subjects and the screenplay. Highway, Tamasha, Rockstar and even Love Aaj Kal created a big impact on me. Jab we met is one film which I thoroughly enjoyed and have seen many times. So yes not only as an audience but as a writer too I am eagerly waiting to see the film.
Q.3)  Do you feel Imtiaz is one of the rarest on whom Maverick aptly fits, who has always found unconventional from conventional?
GD Editor: Yes exactly, his films have niche appeal but very entertaining or I would say engaging for the classes. All of his films are either hits or moderate successes at the box office along with the art he puts in his projects.
Q.4) How has been Jab Harry Met Sejal’s impact according to you if pre release hype and solely trailer is the criteria?
GD Editor: Solely as Imtiaz Ali film the pre release buzz is very good in fact best among all his films but as a Shah Rukh Khan film it is not that big but yes it has the best vibe if you compare it with the recent releases of SRK. I liked the trailer but to be honest it is looking like the mix of the best works the actor-director has done in the past, of course in the romantic genre.
Q.5) The King of Romance is going to be directed by the man who has been the epitome of love, What are you expecting? Hypothetically shouldn’t have it happened earlier or maybe this is the best time as SRK can afford to experiment and get out of his safe zone now than he was before?
GD Editor: Romance is SRK’s forte so he is not taking a risk, he knows he can get back on track at the box office again if the romance of the film will click with the audiences. In fact, Raees is still the highest grossing Hindi film of the year if you exclude Bahubali: The Conclusion which is a Telugu film despite SRK not at his best so he is fully aware that he can deliver a big hit with Jab Harry Met Sejal.
As far as working with Imtiaz is concerned they should have worked way back but better late than never. I hope SRK will reinvent himself as an actor in the film.
GD Editor Previews Imtiaz Ali and Shah Rukh Khan's First Collaboration, Jab Harry Met Sejal.
Shah Rukh Khan and Anushka Sharma in Harry Met Sejal.
Q.6) Whatever intellects may say don’t you think box office is a very important aspect of any movie to truly leave an impact, even the biggest brand Aamir Khan is what he is because of the box office beside the content, isn’t it?
GD Editor: Yes, every film maker wants his film to be seen by the maximum number of people and that generates money which is very important to move further and try good creative pieces of cinema. I am against making a movie for money but if you have that ability to make a great film and also attract people, that is a blessing.
Q.7) When I read your 1st novel A Non-Entity I thought like many of the other readers that if some day it’s brought on the silver screen Imtiaz Ali be the right person to do full justice, what do you think?
GD Editor: Beggars are not choosers but if beggars can choose then I would love to see Imtiaz Ali or Rajkumar Hirani directing a film based on my novel.
Jab Harry Met Sejal will open in theatres on 4th August and I want to wish the team of the film a very good luck for the future.
Shawn Kalon
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