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From sweets to chocolates FESTIVAL have slowly steadily seen the shift but one of the biggest and most popular is GADGETS as GIFTS.

So let’s look at the few top notch gadgets which you can gift your loved ones and make them happy for days to come


It’s a revolutionary product In terms of sheer impact it has.

With “FIT HAI TO HIT HAI” slowly becoming the anthem of people especially in citywalahs, this is  their best and most reliable friend guide n shows Reality in quest of being healthy.


From GPS to steps to calories to heart rate to sleep monitoring it covers everything that is anything.

Can take calls n receive msgs so that’s a plus.

Cons –

Well Lil bulky for some

Pricing could have been little less

Available at Amazon, eBay for 19000 plus

Final verdict – if you are ready  to loose some, to gain a lot, This is the gadget of ur choice


IDIOT BOX has gone through a metamorphic change from just being a box to epitome of beauty, with CURVED being just not related to human body.

Here I would not say buy this or that because in end every individual or family actually has so manny options through ELECTRONIC SHOWROOMS, where after looking at various companies showcasing their products at a single place thus making it easier for customers to decide what suits their budget and eyes.

What I would like to bring to everyone’s notice about what I firmly believe smart TV is for those who are looking for a big screen SKYPE experience with their far off loved ones, otherwise if someone says they use for watching 3D, Internet, fb etc on it, then good luck to them. 

So from what I have learnt  and taken into consideration of others experience IT’S BETTER TO BE SMART WHILE BUYING THEN BUYING A SMART TV just for the heck of it. 

Reason – a TV with big screen grate resolution is much cheaper than  same TV with smart addition but that addition is actually ur subtraction in your day to day life unless you don’t use a mobile, and that’s highly unlikely.

Final verdict – buy a smart TV only If wanna Skype. because TV is for movies, sports and programmes all said and done.

(Point to be noted 4K content may not be their, but so we’re HD channels couple of years back, but now in abundance.)

Picks – 4k TV’S

Samsung SUHD TV UA 65 JS 9000K image_13

LG oled curved

Pros – mind blowing in looks, screen resolution.

Cons – big dent in pockets



LG 42 lv 500 image_08

Also Samsung D5000 and Sony bravia KDL ex 920 are worth a watch 



Displays may be reaching a saturation point in few years time as to how much clarity can one provide their has to be a limit, but what needs loads of improvement is the sound aspect, as with products becoming thinner the sound has become the looser.

Here is where WIRELESS, PORTABLE speakers have tried to cash in big time.

Easy to install ready to use at one go make them a must buy for grate sound experience depending on ur budget and likings, as the availability of variety is unending.

But my pick always has been the JBL and with its new line of speakers out, they dint disappoint one bit , also if u have a big budget than sky is the limit in quality so go for it this Diwali.

Picks –

Bose sound touch image_24

Sonos image_22

JBL series image_23


LAPTOPS (hybrids) 

Asus zen book UK 305 image_26

Dell xps13 2015 image_27

Lenovo yoga 3 pro hybrid image_18

All are sleek, thin, super resolution cover all the requirements of a office goer to a collage junkie.

They are in true sence ALL IN ONE.


Note Series the 1st phablet on MOTHER earth has reached  the 5th instalment in the series with the highly impressive NOTE 5. image_20

Pros – incredible screen, grate video shoot, innovative S pen

Cons – No memory card facility, fixed battery.



Lenovo K3 Note takes the cake image_21



The WRISTIES have been the biggest dillema which companies r facing, with APPLE too joining the bandwagon, though it’s watch too failed to impress.

But atlast a, Ray of hope has come in form of SAMSUNG S2 smart watch. IT’S NOT PERFECT, BUT A PERFECT BEGINNING and that’s a big leap forward. image_19


Some products which may not be common pick but they are rock solid when it comes to particular requirement of an individual and slowly but surely will be  top of the line.


Well not your regular ones but in reality a fun on the run.







Compact, waterproof and can b installed any point they are a movie makers dream, a photographer’s delight n adrenaline height.

DRONES – image_32

THE GADGET OF THE YEAR in innovation which maybe a household necessity  in few years to come who nos , also makes you reach where only birds can have fun

Price – 2 lakhs to 5lakhs approx (depending upon model

So starting with DIWALI pamper your loved ones with their favourites and bring a smile on their faces, because spreading happiness IS REAL ESSENCE OF LIFE.

Shawn Kalon
Life coach, Documentary Film Maker, Theatre actor, Tech freak, Delhi Correspondent of GyanDarbar.

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