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Film Review : Udta Punjab

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Review of: Udta Punjab

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On 19/06/2016
Last modified:08/08/2016


When I came out from the theatre after watching Udta Punjab I was confused whether I liked the film or not? It made me sad for some reason, but one thing is certain that I thought about the movie for long after it ended. Not a revolutionary or perfect film but yes its a different one and deserves a watch. I liked many things in it and disliked some but overall had a fresh experience while watching it. With its limitations of being a mainstream film and not a documentary it did show some harsh reality of Punjab and the hopeless case of youths who are completely in the clutches of drugs big time. Life goes on theme with some goods n evils is nicely depicted on screen with simplicity. Yet its a dark social docu-drama and showered with the drizzle of humour here and there. The direction of Abhishek Chaubey is good yes, no doubt but his delibrate attempt to be different looks pretentious sometimes.
Dialogues of the films of Anurag Kashyap are always decorated with slangs and this is not different at all, now to me it seems more of a gimmick rather than tool of entertainment. Sudip Sharma’s dialogues are simple yet moving sometimes. Sudip Sharma again with the director Abhishek Chaubey wrote the script of the film and it could have been far better. The movie rides on its interesting screenplay again penned by the same duo, Sharma and Chaubey. Some scenes of Kareena Kapoor Khan and Diljit Dosanjh are like the positive light in the dark world of this film, while some heartbreaking (Kareena’s Murder scene) and brutal murder scenes are sad and depressing. Overall the screenplay wins here. Cinematography of Rajeev Ravi does gives the feel of Punjab and is very realistic, Editing by Meghna Sen is to the point and engaging. Music of Amit Trivedi is good, Ikk Kudi song is a melody while other songs are short lived party hits but I dont like those songs. Music of Chitta Ve is fun to hear though. Background Score by Benedict Taylor and Naren Chandavarkar suits well with the film.
Performance wise Alia Bhatt shines, she has the most intense role and her character has a lot of depth. Even though her Bihari language is not that convincing but still she is a revelation here as an actor. Kareena Kapoor looks so beautiful that she works as ice on the eyes sans make up and delivers yet another champion performance, she’s been doing it from last 16 years now. Shahid Kapoor is a fine actor, he does well here too but his character lacks heart, not well developed. Thats the reason why despite giving his 100% the depth and thoughts of Tommy Singh doesnt reflect clearly on his face. The style and swag of the character is definately a ‘Gabru’ but the depth is ‘Fuddu’.
Diljit Dosanjh is earnest, he is good in his 1st Hindi film but he is less satisfying in emotional scenes. Overall this movie talks about how drugs is ruining Punjab and many innocent lives there, go watch it. Its different maybe underwhelming for some but fresh. 3 stars from my side.

Agam Anand
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