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Film Review : Madaari

Film Review : Madaari
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Review of: Madaari

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On 22/07/2016
Last modified:07/08/2016


Nishikant Kamat is back after the very ordinary and forgettable Rocky Handsome, He has made some very good Marathi films but as far as hindi films are concerned last year released movie Drishyam was his best work, but now with Madaari he delivered his best product in Hindi so far. This a fantastic Emotional Thriller, entertaining and Engaging. Kamat has done a great job as a director, in a limited budget he made a superb film. It does not look small at all, the art direction is very authentic and cinematography of Avinash Arun does make it look lavish. Editing of Arif Shaikh is very smart, Background Score of Sameer Phaterpekar is goosebumpy, there’s only two songs in the movie and both are apt for the screenplay and never hampers the pace of it, Music of Vishal Bhardwaj and Sunny Inder Bawra has done justice to the plot. Screenplay is a winner, full marks to Ritesh Shah as it takes you under its control big time, special mention of the dialogues again penned by Ritesh Shah, crispy and thought provoking, definately it makes the movie more interesting. Story by Shailja Kejriwal is very good, some so called critics might say that something about Common Man topic like this we have seen in A Wednesday in the past and the use of media to expose the truth concept was in Rang De Basanti but dont we see umpteen Romantic films every now and then? And what about the same Action and Masala films over and over we go to watch and waste our money? Dont listen to all that, go watch this beautiful film about a father, a common man who is genuinely curious to know about the reality of Democracy and the Government after he lost his most important asset in life. I am glad that Irrfan Khan produced this film, worth making story it is. He is an incredible actor, and there’s no surprise that he has delivered yet another master performance as Nirmal. Yes, he too has some similar antics and we can see it in most of his films but I would rather pay to watch the antics of a great actor again and again rather than paying for some less competent superstar. Dont we go see the same style of a certain ‘Thalaivar’ and a certain ‘Bhai’ in a nonsensical story hundreds of time? I am not against superstars, I love them all but want to give priority to the stories, if they’ll come with different stories I’ll root for all the superstars too every single time. I just want to say that please come out of the star driven mindset and give chance to stories or else we’ll keep making trash most of the year.
I can watch Madaari atleast couple of more times just to see few stellar scenes of Irrfan, special mention of the scene when he gets the school bag, Shoes and water bottle of his son in the hospital. His chemistry with kid Vishesh Bansal is heart melting, Cute Vishesh on the other hand shines big time. He plays Rohan, son of Home Minister, well mannered kid who talks about Good touch/Bad touch and Stockholm syndrome, he is fun to watch. Jimmy Shergill as Nachiket Verma is very much earnest, an underrated actor, pleasure to watch him always on screen. Tushar Dalvi as Home Minister is very good too.
Overall its a must watch, I am not saying dont watch Kabaali, do watch it but make Madaari your first choice. 4 stars from my side.

Agam Anand
Agam Anand is a Novelist and a Stand-Up Artist. He has written two Novels, his 1st novel 'A Non-Entity' became an instant hit among youths while his second one 'The Colossal Illusion' ranked in the Top 100 best selling books in a day of its release on Amazon, it also won the TCK Reader's Choice Awards 2019 in the USA, for being the best Romantic Novel of the year. Anand also won the Author of the year award at the NE8x Literature Festival 2019 for 'The Colossal Illusion'. He has graduated from Patna in Accounts and did his Masters from Kolkata but he is more interested in writing, Literature, Philosophy, and the internet. He is a Cinema Buff, Cricket lover, Very Positive and wants to see everyone Happy.

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