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Film Review : Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3

Film Review Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3
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On 22/01/2016
Last modified:08/08/2016


“We are not expecting reviews for this film. Why should it even be reviewed.”- Aftab Shivdasani

Well said Aftab, the movie doesnt deserve to be reviewed. Writing anything about it is a waste of time, after wasting over two hours watching it. See, I am not against adult comedy, there were few films in the past which had some good scripts to back them up with genuine laugh evoking adult jokes in it. Delhi Belly was one, Shaadi ke side effects also was classy and good. But here this entire film rides on Brand Kyaa Kool Hai Hum (first two were also very lame) and to top it in the 3rd installment they have crossed all possible limits of being cheap and made me to pity our own hindi cinema. All the jokes are a decade old, Screenplay is so familiar, I think we have seen such stuffs a dozen times earlier. And then the cringeworthy expressions and performance by the actors, the direction of Umesh Ghadge is pathetic. All the scenes are super pathetic, supporting cast is extremely pathetic, art direction, cinematography etc are mind fu**ingly pathetic, there’s no script by Milap Jhaveri and Mushtaq Sheikh, even which is also forgetfully pathetic. Ohhh, help me heaven. Tushaar Kapoor Please for Jeetendra’s sake accept it ‘Tumse Naa ho payega’.
Film Review Kyaa Kool Hain Hum 3
Aftab your clueless acting is not worth mentioning. Bigg Boss star Mandana has nothing to do, even if she had someting She would have not done anything on the acting front, a pretty face for sure, a cheaper, thinner version of Katrina Kaif. Gizele Thakral and Claudia Ciesla made me Puke on the screen. Krishna Abhishek did the same thing what he does on TV. This film is meant for Sick mindless youngsters and if it works again then those people have to seriously think about themselves as a viewer, these youngsters watch free porn on web and then flock to watch unimaginative adult comedies. This ‘Sex’ word I tell you is like a lollipop for them, seriously Kyaa Fool hain Hum?
I am going with 1 star, off to watch ‘Airlift’, need to lift the standards of cinematic visuals desperately and Akshay Kumar film is looking certain to uplift it.

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